Noisy Silence

It’s been very hot here this past week, occasionally  making it into the high 40s Celsius (100+F) and the room with my computer has no air conditioning so I have no post written for today.  Never fear . . this Blast From My Past was written in July 2013.

Do you ever sit in a quiet room and listen, I mean truly listen? Close your eyes and pay attention. I can hear the wind off my balcony gently blowing through the trees. I can hear my refrigerator humming its ubiquitous sound of cold. I can hear the highway and a steady drone of cars whizzing by. A bird, a gull I think, probably searching for lunch, loudly. There’s a banging, somebody doing construction. Oh yes and a car horn screeching its presence. Oops, a car alarm screams in protest, at what I do not know. A truck backs up, punctuating the world with his irritating beep, beep, beep, beep…

You see I believe true silence is illusory. Even when a room is deathly quiet, it is not silent. Spend some time in a library. It is one of the noisiest places that advocates silence. Listen carefully. The librarian is admonishing someone for something. Someone else is on the phone directing someone to the appropriate department. With the advent of computers there is a constant clicking of the keyboards. I can hear pages turning, sometimes in anger. There is the irritated sigh as someone looks for a book but cannot find it. Pages rustle and footsteps clack on the uncarpeted floor. There is no silence here.

 Once upon a time our world was much quieter. We didn’t have cars and computers and the ever present hum of electricity. Our nights were darker, we didn’t have the light pollution of all the towns around us. I believe as a people we were calmer. Now we want more and more. No matter what we have, we crave new and better. What is that? What is it the psychobabble of the day is saying: relax, chill, be cool. Well it’s true! We live noisy and harried lives. We rarely seem to take the time to stop and smell the roses. Even when we relax it’s doing something energetic and noisy. Ah yes, the sounds of silence: the ever present white noise that surrounds our lives. I just heard that they actually sell machines that emit white noise because it is often difficult for some people to sleep when things are too quiet.

I wonder if we would know what to do if all sound stopped. I wonder if people who are completely deaf actually experienced true silence? All I know is that my world is noisy and sometimes irritating and I love it all!

13 thoughts on “Noisy Silence

  1. scifihammy

    Sorry to hear it is so hot there! I hope it cools down to a more reasonable temperature soon. 🙂
    Still, it’s nice to read your silent post. 🙂
    I Love it to be quiet, but you are right, it very seldom is truly silent.
    And though it was quieter in the past, I think there were other problems, such as smells! 😀

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  2. dweezer19

    I savor sounds like the birds just waking up, followed by the occasional car on the road, then increasing to so many they seem to just blend with the atmosphere. Then the occasional train rolling by only it doesn’t ever whistle due to some stupid sound ordinanace. I live the train whistle. My room is nearly deathly silent now, which is quite rare. Our AC makes little to no noise and the house doesn’t creak. The weirdest sound is when it rains.instead of hearing it hit the roof, we can only hear it trickling down the siding. That took some getting used to. I have a brain waves app I use when I sleep because I often have trouble with waking up and not being able to return to sleep. It’s great really. Otherwise I love little background noise. I loathe having a tv on just to have it on. It’s like having company you feel you must sit down with. A true distraction.

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  3. barbtaub

    I’m down in London this very hot week. Windows are open to the breeze—along with car alarms, shouting, sirens, horns beeping, and construction noise from block of flats being built next door. It’s different from the sound of the waves and occasional gulls or birds on our little Scottish Island. But both are wonderful in their own way!

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  4. Murphy's Law

    I like most sounds around me. They’re comforting in a way because they’re familiar. Sometimes I like to sit and close my eyes and just listen to the sounds of my life. And I find my life isn’t all that interesting!! Lol. Noise versus quiet…. I think it all balances out.

    Hope the terrible heat you’re experiencing is letting up. It just drains the energy right out of you. Enjoy your Sunday, and with any luck it’s as noisy or quiet as you wish. 😄
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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  5. Mark Lanesbury

    I love the sound of a child smiling, a butterfly drifting by, or the sound of a flower opening. And even the sound of two lovers looking into each others eyes makes a sound that only the heart can hear 😀
    May your sounds talk to you also Pam, and preferably the ones from a heat exhausted body feeling a cool lovely breeze 😀

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