I’ve done it again!



Well, I’ve done it again! I have self published a second book. I am quite proud of it. It has more short stories, more poems and this time I am including my quips. I do love a one-liner! Now here’s the thing. I did not have an enjoyable experience with Amazon. I am sure it was just me not understanding the way things are done. So I have decided to do things my way. Be afraid, be very afraid! Hahaha I am sure I can find a way to screw up this up too but what the hell, let’s give it a try!

If you live in Canada and would like an honest to goodness actual copy of the book just email me at quiall@cogeco.ca. I am on PayPal and the cost is $20.00. If you live elsewhere I also have the book In PDF for $5.00. Just email me. Now if you live in Canada and would prefer a PDF copy, that’s just fine. If you live outside Canada and would really like a hard copy, we’ll talk. Shipping could be expensive.

I love to write but I honestly hate the selling part. I have sold a number of copies and people seem to like it so I am emboldened. I hope you enjoy it! Oh, and number 3 is almost done!



Actual book $20.00 CAD and I’ll mail it to you

PDF $5.00 CAD and I’ll email it to you


PayPal:   PayPal.Me/PERead

29 thoughts on “I’ve done it again!

  1. Mark Lanesbury

    Go Pam, nothing more loving than someone prepared to open their heart. Sending many blessings, love and light that all will feel the warmth and laughter of your writing. If it is anything like I’ve been reading over the years it will take the world by storm 😀

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  2. beryljones

    Pls. put a copy on one side for me, Pam. We have recently moved to Burlington. It has been v. hectic as moves are. We are contemplating changing to 9:30 as 8 am will likely be a bit too early. Not sure yet.

    I will pick up the book at Parish Lunch in the fall.Good luck with book sales. I’m sure you have quite the following with your wonderful quips!

    See you in September. Take care.

    Sheila x

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  3. Annika Perry

    Pam, congratulations on your latest book! Wishing best fortune to ‘A Cluster of Words’. The cover is great and I like the final sentence of the blurb … electrifying positivity is much needed!

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  4. suecartledge

    Well done, Pam! Getting published, & especially self-publishing is a tricky business. I self-published 2 collections of poetry 25 years ago, doing it the old-fashioned way with a printer. They cost me heaps, & the copies all went as gifts to family & friends. Last year I was really lucky that a reputable Australian publisher, Ginninderra Press were prepared to take a chance on me, & published my verse novel, Newtown Voices. Now I’m officially a Ginninderra poet, & was selected to have one of my poems included in this year’s anthology. It feels so good to be published by a professional publisher, who actually thinks my writing is good enough to take a financial risk on.

    Good luck with your writing – it’s wonderful to use your creativity & take risks believing in yourself.
    All the best, SC

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