Just Have Fun!

I was born in the 50s, barely. So I was a child in the 60s. An era of free love, free drugs and an optimism I don’t think we have seen again. Of course as a small child I wasn’t into all the free stuff! I was a child! My sexual awakening came much, much later during a particular . . . Another time perhaps.

One of my favourite shows as a child was Star Trek. The creator, Gene Roddenberry, described it as a ‘western’ in ‘space’. It was a show that was optimistic, it believed in the good that we could be. It was inclusive, mostly. There were crew members of every colour, gender and species. The original show did show women in a slightly different light than men but I don’t think it was disparaging, I think it was protective. And that was the mindset in those days. It still showed powerful women.

I think being so invested in Star Trek as a child help to mold me into the person I am today. No, I’m not an astronaut or a scientist or an explorer, but I do believe I am optimistic and compassionate. I believe in the good that we could be even though we often fail miserably. And isn’t that a good thing? The believing not the failing!

The Star Trek franchise, and yes it is now a franchise, is worth billions. There were several series, lots of movies and more products than you can shake a stick at. Why? Because I think it gives us something we all need: optimism.

Of course there’re probably plenty of people in the world that either do not like or know of the series Star Trek. But I would hazard a guess they still feel the need for a little optimism in our lives.

The news today is full of death, destruction, disease and terror. People are mistreating people for selfish reasons or even for no reason at all and that is terrifying. Movies used to be a form of escapism. We could hide from the realities of the world for a couple of hours in a dark movie theater. We could work out our fears and aggressions on the silver screen and hurt no one.

I love the escapism of a good movie. I love the movie that teaches me something without ramming it down my throat. I like a movie that shows me things I would never do, but someone else does beautifully. People like to be frightened, safely in a movie or titillated by a guilty pleasure. Movies can do that. For 135 minutes, more or less, we can escape reality and just have fun!

Seen any good movies lately!

22 thoughts on “Just Have Fun!

  1. Dan Antion

    I was also a child in the 60s but a bit ahead of you. The 60s were full of fear, and Star Trek offered the hope that we would, as a species, work through the problems and eliminate the fear.

    It seems to me that the undercurrent today isn’t fear, but rather hate. It’s much harder to combat hate.

    I’ve recently been watching done early episodes of Star Trek Derp Space 9. It deals more directly with hate as an undercurrent theme. Maybe that’s why I didn’t like it when it first aired…

    You may have encouraged a blog post from me – thank you for your insight, Pam.

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  2. Mark Lanesbury

    Not a movie, but I have visited a site that is so full of positive energy that it always makes me smile and enjoy my invitation to read its many posts. And she has been through some of the most difficult pain, emotionally and physically, that one could think of…but it is that very thing that creates the words and positivity that has built these amazing pages ❤
    Thank you Pam for sharing the beauty of what you have become. Namaste ❤

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  3. scifihammy

    What a lovely post 🙂 I also grew up on Start Trek, so reading your words I was silently agreeing – it has a message of Hope for the future, which I think has been lost of late.
    I also loved going to the cinema and being entertained for an hour or two. It seems to me many movies today have so much CGI in them they have forgotten to tell a story!
    I recently re-watched The Martian – I enjoy the science. 😀

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  4. Garfield Hug

    In reading all the comments here, I must get to watch Star Trek. I was told by Trekkie friends that the original Star Trek stars like William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy were in a league of their own when compared to the remake version. In today’s world there is too much hate. It is appalling to see all the hurt it brings with it. I need to search out the old Star Trek series. Sci-fi movies here I come.🤗

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  5. Almost Iowa

    Movies will never be the same because the economics have been disrupted. Why spend $30 (tickets and popcorn) on a single movie when you can get a month of NetFlix or HBO for half that?

    As for subscriber viewing, a series is more profitable to market than a stand-alone episode. That is why we have things like Homeland and Game of Thrones.

    What bothers me most, is that Hollywood has abandoned the majority of its audience. It caters to a young, progressive cohort and ignores the rest of the nation, leaving them to sulk in bitter alienation. Not a great marketing plan – but it does make money.

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    1. quiall Post author

      Your words are very true but there are still pockets of the old stuff. We have $5 movies on Tuesdays! New movies as well as some old stuff. Small independent cinema.


  6. Murphy's Law

    I was beyond childhood in the 60’s, but StarTrek was a favorite show. Of course, I was in love with William Shatner, so that might’ve influenced me!! Never thought about it then, but you’re absolutely right Pam, that show oozed optimism. Many other tv shows, as well as movies, did the same. You came away with a ‘feel good’ attitude.

    Today? Not so much. I guess you gotta give the special effects guys a lot of credit making throat slashings, heads bashed in, rapes, etc., look so damn real. I don’t want to see that in a movie or on my tv screen. Hear too much of this on news broadcasts. I want a movie or tv show to transport me to someplace beautiful, peaceful, safe, fun, even for just a little while.

    Our world is so full of hate and fear, I just want to escape it now and then.

    And now we have this thing called “blogs” where we can follow people like you and be uplifted, enlightened, enjoy a real belly laugh, or just admire your talents in penning poems and stories or your ability to actually makes us stop and THINK about something….other than ourselves!!

    I never read a post of yours that doesn’t make me feel optimistic and hopeful for the future. If there are a few more around like you, we’re gonna be okay!
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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    1. quiall Post author

      Your comment humbles me Ginger! Thank you. I hope I can always be that person. Check out some of my followers, especially those here in the comment section. They are great blogs!


  7. The Possible Ks

    I keep hearing people say that they want to see “themselves” in a movie or TV show. Heck, there are days when I don’t want to see myself in a mirror let alone on screen!
    I think that some people would be surprised how few people want to hear “our stories” on a regular basis. One message movie a year is plenty for most folks as long as it’s well done.
    I want to be entertained and escape mostly, go someplace outside the norm for me.

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