It’s 4:00 in the morning!

4 AM. The clock ticks inexorably towards 5 o’clock but it’s still a long way away. It is dark. It is quiet. But it is not silent. I can hear a clock ticking in the other room . . . tick tick tick. A relentless metronome. Tick tick tick. Isn’t there supposed to be a tock in there somewhere? It’s funny how we interpret what we hear.

I just heard a car, I think, it was a quiet, dull roar. Fortunately no car alarms! I can hear my refrigerator faintly humming. Not a tune I know. Silly me. I get a little punchy in the wee, wee hours of the day. Or is it still night? Technically it’s the morning but that doesn’t seem right until after dawn. But it is a quiet time.

I can hear my heart beating. Odd. It is something that has been doing the same job for more than 59 years and yet it is alien to me. My liver, my spleen. These are all important aspects of what make me but I have no relationship with them. They are the mechanics within the shell of my body. And I am no mechanic!

I am tired. But I am not sleepy. My body wants to rest but my mind insists it has something important to say. I wonder what that is. I wonder what is the meaning of life. Meaning. Mean. Such different meanings. Can you be mean to your meanings? How do we understand? Why do we not understand? We are not so different from each other and yet we insist that we are. Why? Why do we hate what we do not understand? When? When did we come to believe that it was okay to hate? Is that the meaning of life?

Understanding. Perhaps when we understand each other we will realize that only when we are acting as one can we become one. One species, one race, one people. Too few people have tried. We are raised to be individuals and we cannot comprehend how we can be a part of something bigger when we come together as a whole. We do not give up our individuality by joining a group we simply enhance the group.

I feel I’m in ranting but I also feel that it is important. I am important. You are important. But even better than all of that: WE ARE IMPORTANT!

22 thoughts on “It’s 4:00 in the morning!

  1. Mark Lanesbury

    Yes we are important, seeking in our lifetime for that love ‘out there’…until we realise that it is in fact within us…and become that ‘unconditional one’ by letting all of our expectations go, those ‘conditional’ things that isolate us from it ❤
    So now it is 5am Pam, what beautiful wisdom will you discover by 6am 😀

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  2. Garfield Hug

    A powerful post that reminds me that I am important. I often forget self amongst other things and Calm Kate often kindly reminds me that I take poor care of self. Thanks for a powerful reminder Pam

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  3. Murphy's Law

    “They are the mechanics within the shell of my body.” Maybe that’s the answer….that so many of us are becoming as mechanical as the technology we rely on. The day hate becomes the meaning of life I’m out of here!

    Every one of us is important. Perhaps if we spent as much time trying to understand others as we do getting them to understand us, we would learn more about ourselves! Hating is such a waste of time because it doesn’t produce anything we can be proud of.

    Have a wonderful Sunday Pam, and I hope you enjoy a restful nap this afternoon! 😴💤😴
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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  4. Dan Antion

    Reblogged this on No Facilities and commented:
    I have been contemplating a post about the inability of so many people to see that we are all part of one population on Earth. My thoughts were inspired by one of Pam’s earlier posts, echoed by a few friends and brought back to my attention today. I may not be ready to put these thoughts into words, but Pam is. Please enjoy.

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  5. Bruce Antion

    Thank you, Pam. At 5:00 am I often hear the car door of the guy who delivers the morning paper as he parks outside my house to deliver the papers on our block. I get it electronically. Your header art made me think of Puffins and the people trying to teach them to nest on higher ground to avoid sea level rise and I wrote my renewal check to Audubon, after reading your post (Dan’s got me here) and an article on an Icelandic Puffin festival that includes salted and smoked Puffin. The Circle of Life rolls on and occasionally hits a bump in the road.

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  6. quiall Post author

    “The Circle of Life rolls on and occasionally hits a bump in the road.” I love that line! I do love to watch Puffins. Many years ago and miles away. Thank you for stopping by.

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