One of Those Days

Do you every have one of those days when everything goes wrong? You get out of the wrong side of the bed in the middle of the night and step on to something wet and cold. Perhaps it’s a wet facecloth that escaped from the bathroom in a bid for freedom. It could happen. Couldn’t it? As you stand there trying desperately to ignore your expanding bladder you distinctly remember the retching noises your cat made that you chose to ignore as you were getting into bed. The midnight fairies won’t clean THAT up!

So you hobble into the bathroom trying desperately not to touch the floor, that beautiful hardwood that you spent thousands installing. (You see a hardwood refinisher in your future.) But you make it, curse Mother Nature for fitting your body with a function that no one wants to talk about in polite company. Noxious liquids dealt with, you envision a quick jaunt back to your oh, so comfortable bed. Unless . . . you have pets.

“Free to a good home!” “Unconditional love!” “The best companion anyone could ever want!” “Never be alone again!” Truth in advertising? Absolutely. But I’ll bet you never read the fine print. That’s a whole different truth.

When you have a small child (of the human variety) you expect to get little sleep. It can take months, even years for them to reach a point where they sleep through the night to allow you to sleep through yours. A few years of midnight bliss and then they’re teenagers and it starts all over again.


So instead of a human child you decide to get one of a feline or canine variety. Did you not read the fine print? When they are very young they often have trouble sleeping alone. Curled up in your armpit, hair or chest is often preferable. Which means you don’t sleep terribly well either. You’re midnight forays will now provide you with a traveling companion. You will never be alone again. Oh and that afternoon nap you love to take. They don’t. You are fair game. Fine print!

So finally you rethink this companion thing. You’re young, strong, intelligent. You don’t need to be cuddled by a non-sentient fleabag. You want to eat when you want to eat! You want to stay out as long as you want! You don’t need to be needed! And then it happens.

You come home from a rough day. You’re sad and you don’t know why. You sit down on the couch wondering why you ever took this job and your cat jumps onto your lap. You look down at this intrusion and a stray paw taps your hand, big brown eyes turn to look into yours with such . . .

And there my friend is why you will move mountains to accommodate your animal companion. They are gentle souls who need you. I think.

19 thoughts on “One of Those Days

  1. Garfield Hug

    This is a real heartfelt piece of you as a responsible pet owner. It shows you really care and know. Proud of you Pam for writing it and reminding pet owners of responsibilities throughout their pet’s life. I hope Sunday gets better for you. Take care 🤗🐺

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  2. Murphy's Law

    You nailed it!! I have had cats and dogs my whole life. Currently we have just one dog, Murphy. She’s 10 now. Rescued her 8 years ago. Murphy is an Australian Shepard mix. Because she was so badly abused by her first owners, we had to have one of her rear legs amputated. She still doesn’t seem to know she only has 3 legs! Shoulda named her Tripod!! Lol.

    And yeah, taking her out in freezing or boiling temperatures, in downpours, and then cleaning up her gifts, can be challenging. Paying those vet bills is painful. But I wouldn’t give her up for all the tea in China. She’s the love of my life. Ummmm, don’t tell my hubby that! 😂

    Not one dog or cat we rescued was ever chosen for their breed, color or size. It was always something in their eyes that grabbed my heart, and next thing I knew they were in the car coming home with us!! Life is just plain better with a pet to love and who loves you right back. You have to experience it to understand it….and it’s worth the experience!!

    Have a wonderful Sunday Pam. Not having a pet in my life would be like not reading your blog every morning…. I would truly miss both. So I’ll keep pooper-scooping and you keep blogging. Deal?
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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