11 thoughts on “Daily Quip

      1. Murphy's Law

        Suffering isn’t something anyone ‘deserves’ Pam. Some of us just pull the wrong damn straw. I suppose there are some who would argue that we ‘chose’ that straw. 🙄 Well yeah. But certainly not because we knew it would bring us some form of grief.
        🔹 Ginger 🔹

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      2. Mark Lanesbury

        Karma? Or just a mathematics equation that builds something so wondrous to be beyond words 😀
        I suppose its like anything we create, there’s bits that don’t work properly so we try something else. Hit parts that are dead ends, and even have those eureka moments where it all comes together.
        Me personally, I feel like I’ve got patches over my patches sometimes. But the thump, thump in the middle is still teaching me beautiful things…even if I blow a tire every now and then 😀

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