14 thoughts on “For a friend . . .

  1. Murphy's Law

    LOL, you are a good friend Pam. Maybe if she sits with her head in the freezer while looking at your photos, it will help. ❄️☃🌨⛄️

    I checked out her blog….she’s very clever and funny, and I just love Little Monkey. Gonna go back and subscribe.
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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  2. barbtaub

    Oh no no no —this is just wrong in so many ways! There are numerous reasons why Snow is a four letter word and you could’ve heard lots of them from me this morning as I scraped the ice off the windows of my little car only to have it refuse to start. No, I did not take any pictures and I can only hope if anyone else recorded the scene for posterity, their audio was not turned on.

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