Goodbye! and Hello!



This is the time of year when we look back at the previous twelve months. Hopefully it is with pride and not with regret. What’s done is done and cannot be undone. But it can be edited! 

The world has seen changes, some for the good, some not so much. We have survived. But not all of us. We have said goodbye to many we love and I am sure a few we hated. That is the cycle of life. There can be no existence without death. People have gotten really good at cheating on so many things, death isn’t one of them.

 In the fullness of time I believe we will be judged. Hopefully it will be on the best of us and not the worst. As a whole we are good people. But do we deserve what’s coming? Because it is coming. The future is now.

 We have seen the birth of many. Children were born as well as ideas. Both will help us move forward. Because that is the direction we are all headed: to tomorrow.

The world has been here for approximated 4 ½ billion years. Our ancestors can be traced back about 6 million years. Homo sapiens (the present us) about 200,000 years. Civilization as we know it is about 6,000 years old. Industrialization is only traced back to the 1800’s. Then came the first computer, the first electric shaver, the first microwave pizza . . .

 Everyday something new is invented, composed or thought of. The next step is always the most important one.

 As a species we are still young. We have a lot of growing up to do. We still squabble like siblings with a toy. Hopefully we will grow out of that stage. But not, I think, today.

 I look back with fondness over the last year. I have great memories of friends and actions that I am proud of. There were tears and anger and moments I do hope to forget, but I lived. I was a part of my life and I enjoyed it!

 Now I am looking to the next smile, the next chuckle and the next sunrise because I am positive it is coming . . . Join me?

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