Monthly Archives: February 2019

A Cutting Death


He hides in the crowd

Afraid for his life

He curls up in panic

He knows there’s a knife.


He’s yanked to the fore

With nary thought

The cutting is quick

For those that are caught


The action is swift

Their life force is done

No more to shine

His days in the sun.


Death sweeps away

The thoughts and the cares

All that remains

Are  discarded hairs.


I’ll take just a trim

Off my shaky old head

So toss them aside

Those cut hairs are dead!

Now for something different

I recently put my artwork in a show that will be on display for four months.  If you are in the neighbourhood it can be found at The Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre at 2303 Bridge St, Oakville, Ontario.

Now since most of you are nowhere near, I thought I would give you a peek.  All of these paintings were done between September 2017 and December 2018.

I hope you enjoy . . .

xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx

16 Paintings in total.  I also included some of my quips on the little cards explaining the work.  I did 5 paintings 20×24, 5 paintings 18×20, 5 painting 9×12, and one odd one.  They are all acrylic on canvas or canvas board.  It was an adventure for me.  I wonder what’s next . . .


Oh, and if you are wondering what the writing is on one painting . . . here it is:

Water Fight

Water that is clean

Should be our right

Every new glass

As we hold it tight

We once dipped our toes

In crystal clean ponds

And dreamed of the day

When all nature bonds

Responsibility is ours

To make it all right

So never forget

It’s time now to fight!

If You Were a Sign


If you were a sign

what would you say?

This place is open

and ready to play?


If you were a note

Then what would be written?

I think I’m in love,

I’m sure I am smitten?


If you were the sky

Would you be a cloud?

With hard hitting rain

And fog like a shroud?


Or would you be sunshine

With beams full of hope?

Gathering smiles

For people to cope?


Would your sign say hello

With welcoming arms?

A fist full of dollars

And a head full of charms?


We all wear a sign

For others to see?

Let yours be so bright

The world fills with glee!