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  1. Murphy's Law

    Yet history keeps developing before our eyes, both earth shattering and slow moving. Regarding Garfield’s comment, I think historians will either have a field day with Trump, or find it difficult to write anything of any substance about him. Good grief, how did we get in this mess?!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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  2. Kate@VanhaTaloSuomi

    Recorded history has universally been written by, and for, the victorious, the most powerful, and the wealthy as a means to install their version of events, and to be enshrined in perpetuity as extraordinary.

    Popular History as a subject matter is fundamentally dependent upon, and uses Ahistorical themes, subjects and events to portray generalizations & widely popular or accepted viewpoints; regardless to/of contradictory or supporting evidence. Thus, this approach is not accepted as scholarly/academic research and is held in disdain by trained Historians and Academics.

    It is my expectation, recorded history will be unkind to Donald Trump and I believe this will be borne out as the layers of deceit & corruption are peeled away exposing him for what he is: a fraud and thus, an abject failure.

    Popular history is where the ‘legacy’ of Donald Trump will reside & flourish. His peers will have abandoned him to save themselves from taint of his crimes, BUT billions will be made serving up the Trump story line to everyone else who just can’t get enough. Millions apparently still adore him, despite him being an absolutely horrid and insufferable POS.

    It is also obvious, to anyone who is paying attention that is, that humans as rule have limited attention spans. This is sometimes referred to as complacency. History has almost all the answers, yet hardly anyone can be bothered to learn and reflect on what has already taken place to find perspective & meaning for current situational dilemmas.
    If people really did learn from their mistakes, most of what is wrong would be set right as quickly as possible.

    As for how this transcends to governance: governmental problems are dealt with in a lengthy protracted, several-committee cluster F of do-nothing, and pearl-clutching by the super wealthy who not only are out of touch to their constituency but hold more to gain by continuing the status quo of doing nothing – this has a breaking point.

    If these governmental bureaucrats were paying attention they might remember events such as the French Revolution, the American Revolution or even the Russian Revolutions.

    C’est La Vie!



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