I must be.  I’ll bet you are too. We must be if we think this B-Sht Crazy World is going to make it.  I mean think about it.  Our planet is a mess, we only have one world, there is no back up. And yet as hard as some people work to try to fix all the problems, there are too many others who are apathetic.  Even worse are those who fight against the solutions for personal gain.

People around the world are starving but we can feed them, we can heal sicknesses, provide care, promote education. But because of greed and apathy people don’t get the support they need.  This planet has more than enough resources to support everyone if we share but we don’t know how to get along. We really don’t.

Food.  It all comes down to food.  One of the leading causes of death worldwide, is food related.  In some countries: obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer. In other countries: starvation. How can we let this happen?

We have pristine beaches we purposely pollute because we are lazy?  We have places to put garbage so why don’t we? We expect others to clean up after us. We want the problems to be fixed but we don’t want to be responsible.

Too many dreams left unfilled can lead to apathy. Which explains so much. We have improved our lives a great deal but we have lost a lot along the way. We have lost understanding, compassion and acceptance.  We find ways to promote hatred and that becomes all consuming.

Perhaps the most controversial problem facing our world is climate change. And we cannot agree on that!  Open your eyes and look out the window. Are your winters the same as they were fifty years ago?  Your summers twenty years ago? Some of the most violent weather recorded has happened in the last decade.  Cause for concern?  I think so.  And so do scientists worldwide.  I think I’ll take my cue from them.  Naming a problem is the first step towards solving it and that took far too long!  Now we need to fix it.  Or at least decrease its impact.

But we run into the universal problem: we can’t get along.  We are so blinded by our petty hatreds, greed and apathy we are unable to see the real picture.  Our world is dying.  It probably won’t happen in our lifetime or our children’s children lifetime. But is that the legacy we want to leave our distant future:  we didn’t care enough?

18 thoughts on “#Crazy?

  1. delphini510

    So strong and true you open the view to what is happening.
    To what we can do but don’t. At least not on a consistent basis. Many organisations help and
    assist but as you say; this planet can support us all.

    We need to show our love for all living and our planet is the one supporting us so it makes little sense to treat it like ” rubbish” .


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  2. Dan Antion

    We will get our “reward” in the future, Pam. Our world, the world that sustains our lives, is dying. The planet will survive. This is going to be a great place for several other species to call home in the not-too-distant future. I hope it includes the species we keep threatening with extinction.

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  3. Hatem Kaldas

    Strong but slightly pessimistic.
    Disagreement and conflict had been part of the human race nature since we existed, but nature had always been able to find the balance point. I believe this is the miracle of nature. For millions of years and through drastically changing conditions, nature managed to successfully go through the balancing process and the plant survived.
    I believe it will continue to do so. Probably the result might be completely different from what is existing now. Humans might not be part of that balancing process outcome, or might as well be, but the plant will certainly survive.
    I think we are so small and weak to destroy earth, all what we can really do by our foolish greed is to trigger nature to start its balancing process.
    That will be our legacy.

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  4. Murphy's Law

    A very powerful piece of writing Pam. I think life as we know it is dying, but the world, this planet, will go on without us. This old world has survived through many transformations, it will survive the next one.

    But, in the here and now, as thinking human beings, we need to begin working with each other and planning for the future that we won’t be a part of.

    Do we have global warming? You bet your bippy we do! And we likely could stop it in a NY minute if some of us removed our heads from where the sun don’t shine and joined the rest of us instead of denying what is so obvious.

    Perhaps we can start by really researching our candidates for office, on the local, state and national level BEFORE we vote them in. And paying close attention to how each of US is treating Mother Earth.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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  5. emilievardaman

    I have always held hope. But these days, I find myself saying, “ I’m glad I won’t be around in fifty year. And I’m sorry for their little children.” People who consciously choose to bear children today are far, far, far more hopeful for this Earth than I am.

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