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Not good news…

Unfortunately I came home from the hospital too soon. About 2 AM Tuesday morning I took an ambulance back. I will probably be staying here for a couple of weeks. I won’t be reading your blogs unfortunately or blogging on my own. My strength is down badly and I need time to recuperate. I was a lot sicker than I thought I was and now I am paying the price.

I will think of you all and I thank you for your wonderful messages of support. Think good thoughts and before you know it I will be back. I’ll probably have a lot to say!

Be well everyone.



I just wanted to give everybody an update. I am home from the hospital but I am really weak and my MS is not helping. I’m probably going to step away from my blog for at least a few days perhaps a week. But trust me I will be back. I promise. And I never break my promises.

I hope everybody had a wonderful holiday and that only good things come to us now.

Sorry about this . . .

I recently picked up a nasty infection that landed in the hospital ICU.   I am on the mend and improving but I am probably going to be here for about a week.   I do have Wi-Fi but it seems to be odd. I was having problems getting onto my blog the other day. Hopefully this will work you won’t be left wondering.

I am getting excellent care and really good drugs. It can’t be all bad. So bear with me I will be back eventually but I’m not reading much and certainly not commenting . It is not a reflection on anybody else.

Thank good thoughts and maybe the world will figure out it can be a wonderful place to be.

Back soon.  Love you all,




The Painter


Our celestial painter

Works wonders below

The colours, the textures

Are not all for show.

Brilliant night skies

with twinkling lights

A miracle of wonder

In everyone’s sights.

Our heavenly painter

Chose His canvas with care

He shows us restraint

And a bit of His flare.

Nature is the medium

His strokes are so broad

And yet gentle and focused

Of course, He is God!

All Nature is colour

Subtle tints and some hues

Constantly changing

To our different views.

Oceans are blueish

With some gentle greens

More colours below

In those coral machines.

A sunrise or sunset

Such a beautiful sight

Violet, orange and red,

The shades are just right.


A gentle hand guides

This palette’s new phase

With heavenly hues

Each day we give praise.


I recently rediscovered this show from the 1990s.  It is about a group of lifeguards in Los Angles, California. At its height this show was, quite frankly, a phenomenon.  It had a worldwide following and was on the air for more than 10 years. I am pretty sure I watched it when it aired but I remember very little of it.

As I was watching a few episodes I started to notice a number of things. At its heart it was a drama about lifeguards and it showed them in the most heroic manner.  It also highlighted what was most important in life. It showed good people caring about others. It showed people doing the right thing, even when it hurt.  It highlighted the importance of telling the truth and of honesty and compassion. I think it is as relevant today as it was titillating in the 90s.

When people talked about Baywatch they always commented on the skimpy bathing suits and the women running down the beach (in slow motion) with their bits jiggling away. They talked about how good-looking the lifeguards were and how their muscles  glistened and their hair was… Yes, the focus of the audience was on the surface.

It was fun, it was pure escapism, it was Hollywood.  It wasn’t high drama or even politically correct by today’s standards.  I believe we all need a little mindless distraction.  Isn’t it so much better when that mindless distraction actually has a message underneath and one that is so positive? David Hasselhoff was the main character and he is still known for that show. Several other actors started on Baywatch and went on to have quite successful careers. Putting aside all the jingling, it’s nice to see lifeguards portrayed as more than pretty bimbos. They even had an actual LA lifeguard as one of the regular cast. He had a career as a lifeguard for over 20 years.

The show put me in mind of Aesop‘s fables. There is a story on the surface but there’s a message imbedded. I remember those fables as a child and the lessons they taught me. Maybe Baywatch is a grown-up version.