Sorry about this . . .

I recently picked up a nasty infection that landed in the hospital ICU.   I am on the mend and improving but I am probably going to be here for about a week.   I do have Wi-Fi but it seems to be odd. I was having problems getting onto my blog the other day. Hopefully this will work you won’t be left wondering.

I am getting excellent care and really good drugs. It can’t be all bad. So bear with me I will be back eventually but I’m not reading much and certainly not commenting . It is not a reflection on anybody else.

Thank good thoughts and maybe the world will figure out it can be a wonderful place to be.

Back soon.  Love you all,




24 thoughts on “Sorry about this . . .

  1. Murphy's Law

    Pam, l kept saying to myself, “something’s wrong.” Life has a way of getting in the middle of our best laid plans.

    Sending my love, good thoughts and prayers your way. I hope the quality of your life improves as you heal, which is better than just getting well.

    Take advantage of those “really good drugs” and I hope you can actually rest, which is next to impossible in the hospital.

    Stay strong my friend, you got this!

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  2. scifihammy

    Oh no! So sorry to hear this Pam. It must be a nasty bug to land you in ICU. I’m sure they are looking after you though and I hope you soon start to feel better.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery, All the best Scifi.

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  3. delphini510

    Pamela, I am sorry to hear that you ended up in hospital, normally not a fun place to be.
    You however have a positive statement which is comforting. They are taking good care of you.
    So relax, don’t worry about wifi .
    Jot down funny or thoughtful things that happen daily at a hospital ward. You can use that later for you wise words.


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  4. emilievardaman

    Just read this and was so happy to see in the comments that you are now home! Still, I send you love, peace and lotsa positive healing energy! Always good to have a little more. 💕



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