Not good news…

Unfortunately I came home from the hospital too soon. About 2 AM Tuesday morning I took an ambulance back. I will probably be staying here for a couple of weeks. I won’t be reading your blogs unfortunately or blogging on my own. My strength is down badly and I need time to recuperate. I was a lot sicker than I thought I was and now I am paying the price.

I will think of you all and I thank you for your wonderful messages of support. Think good thoughts and before you know it I will be back. I’ll probably have a lot to say!

Be well everyone.


37 thoughts on “Not good news…

  1. Murphy's Law

    Awwww Pam, this saddens my heart. Not good news at all, but that WILL change. We all want to get out of the hospital as soon as we can, but please agree to stay just as long as your medical team wants you to. Boring as hell, but necessary.

    My love, my prayers, and every good wish I can muster up for a gentle and permanent recovery. Rest, rest, and more rest will be your mantra for a while, my friend,

    Your vast fan club, of which I am honored to be a member, will pray you well. And when you return to the blogging community, you will be a force to reckon with!
    🐾Ginger 🐾


  2. Dan Antion

    I’m very sad to read this, Pam. I will be thinking about you and praying for your health and rapid return (and I’m sure I am joined by many). Focus on getting better. We will all be here when you are able to return.


  3. scifihammy

    Oh No! I have been thinking of you a lot and hoping you were getting better.
    I hope this time you will make a full recovery and regain your strength.
    We’ll all be here waiting for when you feel like returning to WP.
    Get Well Soon. Best Wishes Scifi


  4. scifihammy

    Hello 🙂 Just popping by again to say Hi and to hope that you are making some progress in your recovery. Still thinking of you and Wishing you All the Best 🙂


    1. quiall Post author

      How very sweet to read your comment. I am starting to get my strength back but I think it’s still a long way away from being good. Unfortunately I am frustrated and annoyed and impatient. My like button doesn’t work on any of your blogs and I feel I am too far away from you! Every now and then I go back and read what you guys have written for me and I am touched, deeply touched. I will be back soon and then I will be a presence once again. Be well my friend and I will be too.

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      1. Mark Lanesbury

        Oh no, not the dreaded WordPress bugs, you have my sympathy Pam, my site is still ‘hiccuping’ 😀
        Just take your time dear lady, your heart is more important than any technology, we can feel your heart from here ❤
        Sorry to butt in scifihammy, it was just good to hear young Pam's voice again 😀


      2. scifihammy

        Aw it must be annoying to feel out of it, but you are not out of our thoughts. 🙂
        I’m glad you are regaining some of your strength, even if it is slowly. You’ll get there in the end and be back with your Quips before long. Get Better Soon. 😀

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  5. dweezer19

    Pam, I hope you are better by now. I totally missed this post. I’ve had a rough couple of weeks but nothing compared to your being ill. Sending love and prayers.


    1. Pamela Read

      Thank you Cheryl. Alas I’m still in the hospital. Hopefully I’ll be able to get out in the next couple of weeks. But there are lots of issues still. When I’m finally at home and at my computer I’ll be able to tell everyone what’s going on. Working from my tablet is not ideal. Half my buttons don’t work! And you take care of yourself Cheryl!


  6. Murphy's Law

    Hi my dear friend. I pray for you every day, and I’ve had some serious talks with Him about healing you…. NOW! This has been a rough haul for you, no doubt, but I know you are trying your darnedest to regain your strength. You certainly have a full plate to deal with.

    I don’t think you can begin to imagine how much I (we) miss your Daily Quips, creative stories, common sense opinions and fantastic sense of humor. You are a gem!!

    It must be terribly frustrating for such a ball of fire to still be recovering. But hang in there Pam, slow and permanent recovery is the goal. No more 2am ambulance trips back to the hospital!!

    Please know you are in my prayers and thoughts daily. I wish there was more I could do. But I’m figuring all of us who follow you are a force to be reckoned with!

    Eagerly awaiting your return to better health, getting back home, and posting those Daily Quips!

    Fondly, Ginger 💕


    1. quiall Post author

      Ginger you have no idea how much I needed to read these words. I have been here too long and I’m starting down a dark path. My mind is only seen the bad, the negative. I need a little hope.Your words are helping me to see that all is not lost. I do need His help. The weather up here has been consistently grey almost every day. My moods are starting to match.

      But all is not lost. I just need to keep my head above water a little longer. How about a Quip . . A true friend is someone who walks through the door to help even when it’s closed.

      Thank you my dear friend.


      Sent from my iPad


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      1. Murphy's Law

        I have been so worried about you, but I didn’t know how to get in touch with you. Today I thought, “Maybe I can go to her last post and still be able to make a comment.” Well damn, who knew? Ummm, people who understand how the Internet and blogging world works! That leaves me out. Lol.

        I have no doubt your thoughts are going to the dark side. Grey is an ok color for hair, but not when you look out the window and all you see is freakin grey. I thought this quote might put a brighter slant on all that grey:

        Ralph Waldo Emerson

        By now you probably feel like your recovery is going as fast as a wounded aardvark walking backwards in quicksand….uphill. Yep, that’s how I would feel. Hospital stays suck when they’re only for a couple of days. But if they were an Olympic event, you’d be in line for the gold medal.

        So, when you think you’ve had it, just can’t do another day, or take another pill, or endure another treatment, think of this quote:

        Franklin D. Roosevelt

        I was thrilled to hear from you….I don’t know about “you”, but “I” feel so much better now. 😂😂😂😂 Hope you have a comfortable, restful night, and that your confinement to the hospital is almost over and you’ll be back in your own home again, feeling chipper and snarky and full of piss and vinegar! Ooooo, that won’t bode so well if you have to do a urinalysis!! Hahahah!!

        Chin(s) up. You got this.

        Ginger 💕

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  7. scifihammy

    So sorry to hear you are still on the mend and in hospital. You must be heartily fed up of it all by now, but I think Ginger’s quotes should lift your spirits a little to get you that last bit of the way and Back Home.
    Still thinking of you and sending strong energy vibes and sunbeams your way. All the Best Scifi.

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      1. scifihammy

        Welcome Home! 😀 😀 😀
        Yes, I am sure you still have some healing to do, but I hope you keep moving in the right direction. 🙂
        It must be lovely to be in your home again too. 🙂

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