Hello . . .

I’m home.  Hopefully this time to stay.  It was a long haul. There was physiotherapy every day, which will continue at home but less frequently.  I still need to adjust to everything but I plan on returning to my blog this weekend.  I wish I could say I did lots of writing while in the hospital but the truth is I barely wrote a word.  Ok, maybe a couple of words but no where near what I usually do. I didn’t find the place conducive to creativity.

I did read rather a lot of books: 57 to be exact.  I was bored.  It was 47 days long.  But it is in the past and my future has yet to be written so I got some work to do!  See you around the ether!

66 thoughts on “Hello . . .

  1. Jill Gear

    Love you, Pam…. As I’m no longer on FB, I won’t see your blog, but for sure I’ll see you when this anxiety goes…. Hugs, Jill

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  2. scifihammy

    Welcome Back! 😀 You have been missed so very much!
    I am so glad that you finally made it back home and hope that you continue to recover, but in the comfort of your own place.
    Reading 57 books wasn’t a total loss, but I am sure you have missed your writing and art.
    Looking forward to hearing your voice in the ether again. 😀

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  3. Murphy's Law

    Hooray and Hallelujah!! WELCOME HOME!! Yes, it was a long time to be confined to the hospital, but all that matters now is that you continue to heal and grow stronger. What would we do without our books?

    To say that I’ve missed you would be an understatement. Before you know it you’ll be blogging as usual and hopefully back to creating your wonderful paintings.

    Boy! You made my day with this post Pam! 🤗 Best news ever! So wonderful to see your beautiful, smiling image again.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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  4. beryljones

    Welcome back, Pam! We’re very happy to know you’re out of hospital and home.bFifty seven books is a big achievement! However, you’ll be glad to get into your writing routine again,

    With our v best wishes, Sheila and Ted xxx

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  5. Dan Antion

    Welcome back Pam!!!

    The Internet hasn’t been the same without you. I’m so glad to hear that you are doing better. Here’s to your continuing recovery and return of Quips, Snarky Quips and everything from Pam.

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  6. Jill Dunbar

    What a wonderful e-mail to start my day….you have been in my prayers constantly and some days I don’t even bother to open my e-mail BUT no longer!! I realize it has been a difficult time for you and God Willing you are back “in the swing” and I can look forward to seeing “quail” (? spelling) soon. Please take care of my very dear friend and I look forward to seeing you very soooon!!! xo

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