Recipe for life


A dash of humour

Is a spice I adore

Curiosity of course

Of that I want more.


Compassion and tolerance

Are vital I trust

To properly season

This stew we discussed.


You’re not done yet

There is still more to learn

Keep stirring I pray

And don’t let it burn!


Next add a pinch

No more and no less

Confidence is needed

To this I confess.


Kindness goes in

And generosity too

We always need manners

And not just a few!


Honour and honesty

Are herbs for this pot

Perhaps some wisdom

I’m not asking a lot.


Next sprinkle the top

With a generous amount

A smile is important

On that you can count.


Now let it simmer

And cook all the way

The ingredients must meld

For many a day.


Too many cooks

Can spoil a good broth

So just let it bubble

Away from the cloth.


The day will come soon

When the recipe is done

And serving the stew

Is when life has begun.

27 thoughts on “Recipe for life

  1. Murphy's Law

    “The day will come soon

    When the recipe is done

    And serving the stew

    Is when life has begun.”

    Your recipe is perfection! Thanks for sharing. I am ready to serve some of this stew. First, though, I have to check my spice cabinet and make sure I have all the ingredients!

    I have never read a poem of yours I didn’t like, but this one ranks in the top ten. 🤗

    Pam, I commented earlier, but I guess it’s taken on a life of its own! If you wind up with two comments from me, please delete one!!

    🐾Ginger 🐾

    Liked by 1 person

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