Ah, Hell!

This past week, in my neck of the woods, has been hot. Hot! Hot! Hot! Now I am sure there’re other parts of the world where this is simply another day. But not here. Canada is known for its cold not its hot! There are a great many people here that love this weather:  hot, hazy, humid. I’m not one of them. Last night at about 6 o’clock the temperature felt like 41°C that’s 105.8F.  That’s hot!

I made an off-the-cuff comment to a friend of mine that I didn’t like the heat and I had better behave because I wouldn’t do well in Hell.  We laughed and I said I simply wouldn’t go. And then I started to think . . .

Hell is a concept that was used to frighten children into behaving and to coerce adults into being better versions of themselves. But that concept came from religion. If there is a God there must be a Devil.  If you believe it one, you must believe in the other. Ying and Yang, light and dark, the world in balance. It also dawned on me that Hell as a concept would have different meanings to different people. An entomologist would be fascinated to be surrounded by bugs. Someone with a phobia would not. One Heaven, one Hell? Some people bask in the heat, some people wither and die.

My idea of torture is being locked in a room somewhere without something to read. It has happened and I swear I went a little mad. Which could go a long way to explaining some things. I’m just saying. But let’s be serious, the idea of Hell crosses all religious borders. It isn’t always a place of torture sometimes it’s just a place to store the dead. Somewhere else. The underworld. But it seems that no matter what you believe in, there seems to be a correlation between Heaven and Hell. So does that mean we’re more alike than different?

There is also an argument to be made that we make our own Heaven and Hell right here. That doesn’t detract from the concept of an afterlife but it simply entices us to take control of our lives and make it better or in some cases continue wallowing in misery. That is one hell of a power!





22 thoughts on “Ah, Hell!

  1. Dan Antion

    We almost certainly are more alike than different. Sadly, to some people, accepting that fact is hell. But you’re right, Pam. It’s a hell of their own making.

    We are also trapped in this purgatorial heat wave. I hope it cools off. I’m even ok if it starts up there and rolls down to us. You can have the cool first.

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  2. Murphy's Law

    We’re not as hot as you are, but it is definitely hot as hell here! The high humidity is unbearable. Humidity level supposed to drop off in the next several hours which will be great because I feel as wet now as I did when I was in the shower!!

    I think we’re more alike than we realize, or perhaps want to admit. It’s so easy to see OTHER people’s faults, so no one is going to stand up and say, “Yep, I’m a lot like him.”

    Not everything in our life is under our control, but I believe most of it is. We create our own happiness or misery. Why is it though, when we’re walking on Cloud #9 it’s because “we deserve/earned it”? But when our life is temporarily in the crapper, it’s always “somebody else’s fault”.

    And I know a couple of folks who are happiest when they’re miserable! They thrive on it. Go figure, 😳🙄

    Sure hope it cools off in your area sooner rather than later. Sending cool breezes your way. 💕
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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  3. dweezer19

    Well, you covered most concepts briefly here, Pam. My novel touches on the concepts of relifion, illusion and reality with regard to Creation theough the fictional (or not) characters in a perfect world being threatened by the struggle between the powers that beought it into being..Light and Dark. My personal take after spending a third of my like influenced by religion and the next four decades trying to wriggle free, is that we have created, along with an ultimate source, a most beautiful world; but because of the duality of our nature to seek emotional excitement, we often dance too closely with one or the other of our influences. My new rule of harmonic resonance is that, if any religion, teaching, study or faith encourages me to judge, hate or ostracize my fellow humans or any of this magnificent creation, then it is not fed by the Light of this existence. I hope things cool down for you. We are hitting 90’s that feel like 103 here. There is a school of thought that suggest our ‘hell’, if we are inclined to believe in one, will be the worst thing we can imagine for ourselves lived throughout eternity. I know you love to read, so you need to check out this very poignant, very old book written before the 1900’s called A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands. It is about one man’s struggle to redeem himself from the hell he bound himself to while living with the help of the one oerson who never stopped loving him. I have read it more than once.

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  4. Ancient Skies

    Yes I believe in your last version of heaven and hell, but I think there is the traditional hell too. Really evil people choose to go there when they continue to reject the Light. There are consequences to our actions. But I remember a theologian saying we don’t know what transpires between people and God towards the end, even when they’re unconscious.

    I’m sure there’ll be alot of people in heaven we never thought would be! And the reverse is true too. Some really religious self-righteous types may not make it!

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  5. Donna Florack

    That reminded me of one of the Christmas Carol movies where Scrooge was sent to Hell to live out his days as the devil’s clerk in a freezing cold, ice-crusted office, much like he’d treated Bob Cratchit in real life. Maybe Hell really is what we’d hate or be terrified of in life. I think mine would be being stuck at a loud, hot, packed-with-people party. I would know no one, and I’d live out eternity trying unsuccessfully to mingle and make small talk.

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  6. Emilie

    I long ago decided heaven and hell are right here, so I decided to live in heaven ad do things to earn my spot there. Hence, years of teaching, social work, volunteering, and work for peace and justice. But I have to keep it up if I want to stay in my heaven.
    I can’t imagine that kind of heat up there!

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