They Still Answer The Call


Engine 19 one fateful night

Raced to the site of a fire

The men moved as one

They knew what to do

They knew that lives

Were at stake


Fire has life, it hungers to grow

But heroes stand in its way

They fight with the knowledge

That they must not lose

A child could still

Be in danger


Company 12 lost one of their own

But he still answers the call

The engines are dark

All polished and still

And yet he wanders

The yard


The heart of these fighters

Is second to none

Their fear is simply a tool

They race into danger

And battle their foe

Our safety their only prize


Remember the fighters

Men, women and steeds

Over the years that were lost

Some still remain

And wander the earth

They still answer the call.

15 thoughts on “They Still Answer The Call

  1. Murphy's Law

    This is so moving and well said. We often take our firefighters for granted…..just expecting them to be there when we need them. This is a beautiful tribute to firefighters all over the world!!
    🐾🐾 Ginger 🐾

    Liked by 1 person


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