Defying Gravity

In the interest of full disclosure, I am admitting that I’m about to go on a bit of a rant. Some of the things I say may offend a few and for that I apologize. I don’t apologize for what I’m about to impart. I think it’s high time something was said. I am quite sure I’m not the only one who has had these thoughts. It is not said with any malice but plenty of forethought.

I recently watched part of the Emmy awards program. I was surprised at how few shows I had actually seen. And I do watch TV. I think a great many of them were actually on Crave or Netflix or some other alternative to regular television.  I enjoy watching actors that I admire. There was also a touching bit about individuals, in that business, that we have lost. There were a few I didn’t know about.

Award shows have always been a magnet for people to talk about fashion. In particular, the media loves to focus on what the women are wearing. I saw a few men in comment worthy outfits but they are not the focus of my rant.

Women have fought long and hard to be worthy of accolades. There was a time when women were less important than the livestock they cared for. They have worked hard to be seen as equal to men, to be equal to men. We talk about the glass ceiling and how we are consistently breaking it. Women want to be appreciated for what they are capable of, not how they look. Or so I thought.  And then you go to an awards show. And those dresses, in many cases, defy gravity! If you don’t want to be seen as a beautiful object, then why do you dress as one? We don’t talk about men suits and what a beautiful cut they have. We talk about women’s dresses and how good/ awful/ bizarre they might be.


“ I can’t move or breathe or walk, But it’s great!”


A celebrity actually said that! Women are taped, plucked and wrapped up so they look extraordinary. It is an awful lot of work. But perhaps it is appropriate for a business that is all about the illusion. And the theme of the night seemed to be ‘breasts’.  Specifically: how little can you cover and still be considered decent.  A whole lot of taped died in pursuit of an award that night.

I am quite sure that Monday morning the call once again became ‘women should not be objectified’, unless of course it is by themselves.


Rant completed.









33 thoughts on “Defying Gravity

  1. meenawalia

    Completely agree..I guess they should start making pants for men in the same fashion .tape,pluck and wrap them up and cover a little and still be decent 😀😀😀

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  2. Dan Antion

    Your rant is justified, Pam. I won’t add to it because 1) you covered it do well, and 2) I’d probably say something stupid. I don’t watch award shows, but I wish they would focus more on why the winner was chosen.

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  3. pensitivity101

    We don’t have TV so it’s papers or internet for news. Some of the outfits are grossly indecent in my opinion, the more skin visible, it would appear the more the celebrity status. There seems to be no such thing as modesty, and I grew tired a long time ago of having to view big boobs and big butts that the media were calling beautiful. To me, it’s nice for a body, male or female, to be in proportion, not like some Jessica in Who killed Roger Rabbit. Times have changed. Best dress code fail was wearing shoes on the wrong feet and despite being uncomfortable, she never thought to change them round.
    Mini rant over

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  4. Jennie

    Excellent rant, Pam. Things haven’t changed much over time. Women in the mid 1800’s had to wear whalebone corsets to pull in their waist so tight they could barely breathe. And that was just the beginning of their dressing – bustles, hats that probably weighed more than a baby, on and on. So sad!

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  5. Murphy's Law

    Bravo!! Your rant is right on! I haven’t watched an award show for many years. I don’t go to the movies anymore and we have the bottom-of-the-barrel cable package for tv viewing, so we don’t get the stations that most of these ‘stars’ appear on.

    It’s pathetic that the accolades these women receive are for the size of their boobs and butts, and not for any acting ability. The more daring the outfit, the more camera time they get.

    These women take that old saying, ” If you got it, flaunt it”, too far! Leaving a bit to the imagination is far more interesting, and so much less demeaning.

    Where oh where has our self-esteem gone?
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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  6. John W. Howell

    In this very serious and worrisome world, I welcome really vapid, stupid, and mundane things sometimes. I think the Emmy red carpet focus on women’s dresses might fit the bill. I didn’t see it but might have liked the diversion. Good and spot-on rant though, Pamela.

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  7. barbtaub

    My daughter is one of those women on the Emmys red carpet most years. She usually wears a rented dress or occasionally one from a vintage resale. She’s a writer/producer, a behind the camera role. Without fail, the comments the next day —from other women—are about her appearance and blood-letting vicious. None of them comment on the Emmys she’s won, her string of achievements, her current role. But that’s the industry she’s chosen, and at the end of the day, she’s the one with an Emmy statue holding her hats.

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