As many of you know I love to listen in on other peoples’ conversations.  No, I don’t mean that I stalk individuals and listen illegally into their discussions. But I have been known to trail after an interesting couple simply to hear the rest of what they are saying. But allow me to give it some context. If you hear someone speaking about murdering another, you really want to know more.

We live in a society where everyone seems to have a mobile phone connected to their ear lobe. I cannot count the number of times I have been forced to speak up before a person runs into me simply because they’re paying attention to their phone and not what was in front of them. Ah, the joys of technology!

We can’t know exactly what someone else is talking about on the phone or in a text. We don’t know what that individual is dealing with. Is the text to a girlfriend/boyfriend explaining that they are pregnant, accepted into that prestigious law firm or asking for them to bring home milk?

We live in a society of tidbits. We hear snippets of a conversation walking down the street, often more than one. We are jostled by someone trying to get into the store and for a micro second we share a look. What is that person dealing with? Are they happy, sad, frustrated, suicidal, manic, murderous? We don’t know. And yet we often make judgments based on a split-second interaction. Tidbits.

No one seems to know the whole story about anything. The Media included. Politicians tell us what they think we want to hear.  Is there any truth in what they have to say? Possibly. Friends speak from the heart and sometimes tell you what you need to hear. But often they tell you what they believe will make you feel better.  What is the truth? And is the truth something that needs to be relayed all the time? I don’t think so. Let me give you a little context. A friend had convinced me to go to a new hairdresser. She was a Stylist from New York!   She had a very heady reputation and they could fit me in. I think I was supposed to be honored. When I entered her very luxurious salon I was asked if I wanted a Perrier. I did not. She then spent 15 minutes talking to me. She told me she wanted to know what kind of person I was so that she could give me the haircut I needed.  She spent quite a bit of time whipping my hair into… something? After I had forked over the national debt for a small country, I left. I don’t think she was terribly impressed with me. We didn’t speak.

I have never been to New York. I hear is a “happening” city.  Food, Fashion, Finance. The Holy F’s?  Perhaps the haircut I received was considered fashionable in the mecca that is considered Manhattan.  I don’t live in New York. I explained I was quite conservative and liked the simple things. My hair looked like it had been cut by an eight-year-old high on cocaine with dull scissors and a tick.  I wish I was kidding. My sister was getting married in a week. There would be pictures.

I went back to my regular hairdresser and pleaded with him to fix it. It became really short. Oh, and that very fashionable New York hairstylist? She moved on to more appropriate grounds.  Lesson learned. Context.

19 thoughts on “Context

  1. meenawalia

    I regret and even shed tears every time I go for a haircut😀 I completely understand how u feel..but i am sure your local hairdresser must have done a fine job

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  2. Murphy's Law

    First, I LOVE the photograph!!

    We have to have tremendous trust and confidence in anyone who is going to take a pair of scissors to our crowning glory! That said, I’ve wound up with a couple of haircuts that looked like a person who was blindfolded pushed a rusty lawnmower over my head! But, it grew back!! I just chalked it up to my hairdresser was having a bad hair day….and now I was!!! 🤗🤗🤗
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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  3. dweezer19

    I so get this Pam. When we have moved I sought out a certain type of hairdresser, usually make, because they like long hair in general. I have had one that was like family to me back home. It is a most traumatic thing for me to have to change. I especially don’t feel comfortable having my hair done by anyone whose hair looks like they just crawled out of bed. C’mon….
    I had a mini epiphany some time ago while driving a busy highway to work. The traffic was stopped and I searched the autos around me for a familiar face. I could find none. I grew up in that city. I never ran into anyone I lneweven at the grocery stores or parks. It dawned on me in that moment just how huge and populated this world is. That I could have over 50 yrs’ worth of relationships and connections that those dozens of other people around me knew nothing about. And we meet/see hundreds of strangers daily-all with their own histories. If more people realized this perhaps some of our judgments and expectation might fall away. 🧐

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    1. quiall Post author

      You are a wise woman Cheryl! I often wonder where I would be now if I had stayed in the city I was born in. Then I remember all the things I have done and the places I have been and I am glad.


  4. scifihammy

    Lovely to see Horace the Hippo again – he really loves that pear! 😀
    And yes I understand listening in to those funny snippets – they can be very amusing. 🙂
    I sympathise with the awful – expensive – haircut. Glad you could get it fixed. 😀

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  5. Dan Antion

    I’ve had the same barber for 38 years. I’ve followed him to at least six different barber shops. I think in that whole time, I’ve only had two haircuts by other people (when he was on extended vacations). I don’t have much hair, but you could see the difference.

    Love the hippo 🙂

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  6. Mark Lanesbury

    I had context once Pam…be we got divorced 😀
    Plus I cheat with my hair (what’s left of it!), I get a no.1 electric shaver cut. Leaves it to about 5mm long. No curly, wavy, shaped wrong or not ready for anything. Just get up of a morning, scratch my head and walk off for the days doings 😀
    And I love it, a very distinguished greyish, silvery sort of white…unless I get a scalp sunburn, and then I glow 😀

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    1. quiall Post author

      You do know it is a sexy look for men (and a few women)! I loved the idea for me (once had a brush cut, short story) but the result was less than stellar and I am sooooo vain!

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