A Birdie Sings

A silly little bird

Is flitting round my brain.

I fear it may do damage

My memories it may drain.


But wait a bit I’ve got it wrong

So typical of me.

The silly tit’s a song

And he’s singing just for thee.


The words go back and then go forth

Just like a bird in flight.

I hear the tune so clearly now

My memories they are tight.


I love the song this birdie sings

A gentle misty tune.

If only all could hear his song

Of peace and love and soon!

18 thoughts on “ A Birdie Sings

      1. Anonymous

        I LOVE your little bird — strange thing,, I have had the flu and we are in “lock down” and this morning, as I was having my breakfast, sitting by the window, I noted a couple of little birds (sparrows, maybe?) playing in a tree just outside the window and I started writing (in my head) a story about them and I felt so “not alone”. Hope you are healthy & happy and having just had winter (ha ha) waiting (impatiently)
        for spring. Look forward to seeing you soon. Sending you much peace and love. Jill (D)

        Liked by 1 person

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