This caught my eye over at pensitivity101.wordpress and I simple couldn’t resist. Check her out and maybe try the challenge.


  1. Calendar Girls featured what organisation?

The first Dating App.

  1. What is a limpet?

A Flaccid Dog.

  1. Who is famous for saying ‘I didn’t do it?’

Well, me.  But I did and it deserves to be repeated.

  1. What does S W A T stand for?

Single White And Tasty! (What? A chicken breast!)

  1. What’s kept in The Tower of London?

The Keys to the Tower of Love.

  1. What does running on the spot achieve?

That Hole we all wish we could disappear in to.

  1. What is a busby?

A Busboy who missed his ride. (And his hat!)

  1. What is cinder toffee?

What is left in the fireplace after Santa’s done his business.

  1. Who is Old Father Time?

Old Mother Hubbard’s boyfriend.

  1. Who shot JR?

SR of course who was later strangled by JRII

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