14 thoughts on “Daily Quip

      1. Mark Lanesbury

        It’s been a bit crazy Pam but I am hoping that when something this big affects the many as it has, then change is coming. It has brought many together, even in their loss. To see that has been heartening indeed.
        Now if we can just shift the heartless in government. As usual they are making many promises about more fire fighting equipment (air, ground), but not a whisper about reducing the causes of it. Excess growth etc, and re-using age old burn off methods.
        Maybe if Mother Nature fires the odd lightening bolt at their air conditioned palaces they might shift their thinking. Here’s hoping 😀
        Just a note. On the main tv channel news last night a rural fire service truck pulled up in front of the camera, a very exhausted, blackened firefighter leaned out and let the Prime Minister have a mouthful. They had to ‘bleep’ a little as he was telling it from a very raw place after all he had seen fighting the fires.
        Lets see him answer that 😀

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