I Have Forgotten


I think I have forgotten

Some memories from my past

So many decades have gone by

I knew they wouldn’t last


I’m standing in the kitchen

There’s something I must do

I know that I would do it

If I only knew


I hope the ones not kept

Are the ones I’d like to lose

There’s the time I let it out

That is one I’d choose!


I think I’ll keep that time

That kinda made me laugh

Oh, then there is the meeting

I had with that giraffe!


Maybe I’ll remember

The fun times I have had

So many things that I have done

Things that made me glad


I’m standing in the bedroom

And I don’t remember why

Silly little memories

Seem to have gone bye


The reason I’m forgetting

May be me getting old

All the years behind me

And my future’s going gold


Every day’s a new day

When I’ve forgotten all the rest

Every day is wonderful

And still I think I’m blessed!

20 thoughts on “I Have Forgotten

  1. Murphy's Law

    Pam, this is wonderful! It’s my life story now. I love the last stanza. Our memories are precious, it’s sad to see them fade. So we move forward and make new ones. If our smile never fades, we’re okay!

    Love your sketch!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

    Liked by 1 person

  2. dweezer19

    That’s what counts Pam. The blessings. I love when some small thing triggers a memory long forgotten, like fining a perfect tiny shell on the beach. Ah! There you are, I whisper. Then after appreciating for awhile I either tuck into my pocket to gaze at later or toss it into the deep blue from whence it came. 😊

    Liked by 1 person


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