Growing Older


I know I getting older,

I know I’m not a kid,

But please somebody tell me,

Where it’s all been hid?


My sights not 20/20,

My eyes are growing dim,

I saw a pretty lady once,

But it seems Her is a Him?


My abs have gone on Walk-About.

I think my hair has too.

I’d like to hope they will return,

But I really have no clue.


Twenty years has snuck away.

And I am wondering why.

Have I really just forgotten?

It makes me want to cry.


Really, I was always there,

I truly had a blast.

If memories are all that I have left,

At least it was my past.


Tales are told of a misspent youth

I cannot say there’re true

But when I’m old and cranky

Perhaps I’ll do it too!



19 thoughts on “Growing Older

  1. Murphy's Law

    If you ever get old and cranky and start sharing stories about your misspent youth, I want to hear every word. What a fabulous tale that would be!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

    Liked by 1 person


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