I really don’t like pink

Having said that, I do like some shades.  More importantly, I love what it stands for. The colour pink has been adopted by the cancer society to promote solidarity and bring awareness to the world.

Recently, a woman I admire greatly, told us that she is once again dealing with breast cancer. She overcame it once and I’m a firm believer that she will overcome it a second time. In her honour I painted a pink rose. I hope I have done it justice.

Cancer is a word that will send shivers up the spine of most people. My family has not escaped its tendrils. My Father overcame skin cancer, his Mother – throat cancer, his Brother – bone marrow. I have had two breast cancer scares. In each case the lump turned out to be benign. But for several days, in each case, I was left on tender hooks.

Cancer is not necessarily a death sentence. And yet the fear it instills . . . I have seen friends that have walked the path of chemo and radiation and whatever cocktail is necessary to eradicate their tumor. It is not an easy walk. But it is one that inspires those who witness it. The strength that is required is unimaginable to us who have not experienced it. The very least I can do is paint a pink rose.

Our world is presently in the throes of fear over a virus. We talk about the number infected and we talk about the number that have died. Some good news has recently been discovered: children are not as affected as adults. What is rarely talked about is that the majority of people get better. It is no consolation for the family and friends of those who did not but it does provide a little hope in a world that seems hopeless.

I am confident that we will find a cure, a vaccine. But I am not confident about the aftermath. So much fear. So much distrust. Will people once again shake hands, hug each other, trust each other? I understand the need for distance now but I hope that we will have the strength to once again reach out to each other when this is over. And I do believe it will be over, one day. I wonder what colour the ribbon will be for COVID-19?

36 thoughts on “I really don’t like pink

  1. Murphy's Law

    Sending my prayers that your friend wins again, and everyone else fighting cancer has successful outcomes.

    Beautiful pink rose you painted. You most definitely did it justice.

    I agree. We will get through Covid-19, but the aftermath remains to be seen. The panic and hysteria are out of control. We all need to take deep breaths, reach down inside of ourselves and locate our common sense and activate it again.

    I wish you and your followers, everyone worldwide, a safe journey through this Covid-19 outbreak.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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  2. K.L. Hale

    Prayers to those suffering🙏🏻. And celebration to your health. My Father has survived 3 cancers. My Grandmother and 3 of her 4 sisters all had breast cancer. They did not succumb to the cancer alone. Through this pandemic pandemonium may we find a color (other than pink 🤗🤔) that represents faith through fear. Social distancing certainly does not include “embrace”. Yet, I pray we “embrace” the human spirit and reach out to one another with a hope in humanity we so desperately need. May kindness and trust be the most contagious 🙏🏻♥️😷

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  3. Dan Antion

    I hope things work out well for your friend, and for us all. I too have a friend that is battling cancer for the third time. I think we will eventually get back to normal, but I’m not sre how long it might take.

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  4. Mark Lanesbury

    If the Italians can sing to each other from their balconies in their circumstances Pam, I’m very sure that our humanity most certainly raises its head when we are at our most vulnerable. There is most certainly hope for us all 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋
    And just a footnote. It is only because none of us have had this before that it has hit with the large numbers like it has. By next year our ‘herd’ immunity will have risen dramatically and it will only be like our ‘regular’ flu seasons. It is more infectious than a regular flu so the numbers may be slightly more but over time that will diminish. Mind you, and like any season, it will still affect those much older and with compromised immune systems.
    Mother Earth may be flexing her muscles in warning in her treatment from us 😀 🌏

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    1. nmartinez1938

      If pathogens were singularly studied for the purpose of cure/healing, that would be great. But we must dare realize they are also simultaneously, if not in the same lab, somewhere, also studied for nefarious reasons. All my adult life, I’ve followed knowing of both conventional and natural medicine. Came to the understanding, natural medicine abides by the rule; “Do no harm to accomplish cure/healing”. My trust is in medical professionals who have studied in both realms – there is the balance. Let one compliment the other, shake hands and always remember the goal is to do no harm. My age is 81, take no meds for any of the usual diseases of the elderly.

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      1. Mark Lanesbury

        Yes, it would indeed be a step towards love to have that balance so that ‘do no harm’ was the normal instead of the ‘great drug companies’ rubbing their hands together for the cash while making sure that rule is bent beyond recognition in how they manipulate doctors with the same hands.
        Glad to know your journey has found that balance, may it always stay in that realm 😀 🙏🏽

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  5. Emilie

    It’s a perfect pink rose. Especially since it was painted with love and concern. These certainly are hard times. The community I live in is very open and full of hugs and snuggles when people see each other. I was at the farmers market yesterday and it was so difficult. Since then, however, I’ve decided to self isolate. I have one small event this evening and have already told the three others that I want to stay far away from everyone.
    Maybe we all be well, safe, and happy.

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  6. Widdershins

    The financial fallout is going to be catastrophic, and I don’t mean the stock-market fallout, (people who speculate on the stock-market deserve everything they get) I mean small businesses, people living pay-check to pay-check or their tips from a shift, etc … my hope is that a revolution in the ‘buy local, produce local’ concept will really take hold … but between the end of the pandemic and that point it will be hard times for a lot of people 😦
    Your rose, on the other hand, is a thing of beauty, to be treasured for the heart-filled gift it is. 😀

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    1. nmartinez1938

      The intent of Coronavirus (COVID-19) or whatever, is doing what it was intended to do. On what scale it succeeds is to early to tell for now. Dengue fever is the grandparent of all pathogens, and has become part of the social fabric of many Asian nations. Ebola failure to bring in a universal vaccine just led on to the next attempt. But the noose is closing in on our necks. By the way, NSS10ppm, in a military laboratory in partnership with civilian labs knew this cure for deadly virus pathogens before making their début on the world stag. Asia and Africa are launching pads – have you noticed that too? We can thank “Bill Gates” and his wonderful charity foundations for most of this dengue fever included…..

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