A Walk

I’m taking my butterfly for a walk

He likes to drink each day.

Nectar is his beverage

A sip and he’s on his way!


I’m taking my bumblebee for a walk

He likes to drink you see,

Floral syrup is his brew

He gets it all for free!


I’m taking my Robin for a walk

He flies from tree to tree.

It’s hard for me to keep abreast

When Robin’s on a spree!


I love to walk with all my friends

They have so much to say.

If only I could understand

Then maybe they would stay!

28 thoughts on “A Walk

  1. Murphy's Law

    What an awesome photo! Love today’s poem. I think most of us feel the same way about these lovely creatures ….wishing we knew how to entice them to stay with us just a bit longer.

    Liked by 1 person


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