#write/photo The Wall

Once again Sue Vincent intrigued me with a photo!  Check her out at: https://scvincent.com

The Wall

“Jimmy come here!  Look!  It’s just like I said!  You can see them!”

The excited young boy gestured wildly to his older brother. The two were out on an early-morning trek to explore The Wall. Jason had never known life before it had been erected but Jimmy had. It was a different world back then.

“Jimmy look! Look through this hole! Is that them?” Eyes wide with wonder and excitement he could only look through the small void in The Wall and ask his brother.

The boy to whom all the questions were directed was a little less excited.

“I told you we shouldn’t be here. We could get in trouble.”

Jimmy turned to leave but he glanced back to see if his brother was following. He wasn’t. Jason was still glued to the small break in The Wall that showed him a world beyond his. With the innocence of a child he questioned why they couldn’t go over there and play.

“You don’t remember the plague.” Jimmy spoke quietly. “You don’t remember all the people dying and the fear. We were scared.”  A single tear slipped down his cheek.

Jason too was quiet. He knew the stories. They were taught in school. About the time when a quarter of the world’s population died because people didn’t react quickly enough or responsibly enough. A preventable outcome.  They didn’t know. So, people died. The rest of the world protected themselves. They say the plague is still out there, just waiting for somebody foolhardy enough to travel.

The two boys walked home slowly. They felt safe in the knowledge that they were protected by The Wall.

14 thoughts on “#write/photo The Wall

  1. John Hric

    Ah the quote unquote wisdom of the wall. Sometimes the price only describes the benefits of the cost and completely ignores the rest of the overall cost. And will only grudgingly admit that part of the cost.

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  2. Mark Lanesbury

    I know how those kids feel, the idiots over here have decided to lift some travel restriction in a couple of weeks. We had acted very early and kept the numbers way down and now some moron is going to chance it because of the ‘money’.
    Like your story Pam its too late when it whips back through like a highly infectious virus does and many people become a memory.
    And as a matter of fact I think that the idiot politicians should be the first to travel, lets see them squirm then when they have to get isolated on some island somewhere like they’ve done to everyone else. I’ll even come down and help erect the wall in their memory ☹️

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