(for my friends who need a little snow)

I am often asked where I get my ideas for my quips, poems and posts. In all honesty I often get them from you. I read what others write and they inspire me. I am stimulated by people, by circumstances, by life itself. I actually got the idea for one of my favourite posts from the spine of a book in a doctor’s office. I don’t remember what it said or what it was about but the three or four words tripped my curiosity. And then I wrote about the “alligator”.  It was a child referring to the elevator we had just ridden up.  I overheard a conversation about two people who had literally just passed by me on the street and it sounded like they were discussing a murder! They weren’t. But it gave me an idea for another post.

We are constantly bombarded by information. Radios, televisions, our phones, the media. All around us is a cacophony of voices that we almost don’t hear.  Constant input. But within all that noise there are gems of humour, of inspiration. Our brains are like sponges soaking up moisture that we can’t hear or feel or see. It just seeps in.  I find it difficult to turn off and some days I really want to.

At any one time I have at least three or four writing exercises going on in my brain. Stories are percolating. I’ve got one story started about the retirement plan of an old man.  He wants to commit a crime to keep himself in a nice cushy prison for his retirement.  It sounds like fun but I haven’t written it yet. Or there’s one about a multi generational ghost story told from the perspective of a five-year-old. I’m intrigued!  I have two paragraphs written.  And then there’s a story about a woman who receives a phone call and it’s a wrong number but she can’t get the caller to understand that. There’s definitely a story there… What about if she calls… Oh… This could show up next week. Stay tuned!

Do you see? Inspiration is everywhere. We just have to open our hearts and minds to hear it. Sometimes it shouts and sometimes it’s a gentle whisper on the wind. If we would just pay a little closer attention . . .

42 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Murphy's Law

    Pam, your ever-percolating mind is what endears you to us. You are never boring, dull, off the rails, insulting or unclear about what you mean. Your sense of humor knows no bounds and your posts never fail to be enlightening or entertaining or educational or just downright funny.

    I’m so glad your mind works the way it does because I, for one, benefit by it every day! You, my friend, are very inspiring!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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  2. Dan Antion

    Inspiration is a funny thing. I still recall being inspired by the blog post you didn’t write. I was so sure I read something at your place. I wrote my post, I pointed people to your site and it wasn’t you. I don’t remember if I ever determined whose post really inspired me, or if I dreamed the whole thing.

    I can’t wait until the spirit moves you again.

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  3. Jennie

    I love your ideas and creativity! Inspiration is everywhere if we pay attention. Keep writing, and keep passing on the inspiration your stories create for the reader.

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  4. oldmainer

    I read you because your posts are an eclectic mix of the real, imagined, and improvised. Never know if you are going to get a quip, a poem, or a story. Maybe it’s because that’s how my mind works and I need a kindred spirit.

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  5. Biff Sock Pow

    I so envy you! I will often have ideas as you describe, but then forget it by the time I can get to something to write it down. My brain is like those little desk doo-dads with the five metal balls on strings. As soon as the leftmost ball strikes the other four balls, the right-most ball (idea) is gone. It seems I can only have one idea at a time in my head. I’m lucky if I get back home with any ideas in my head at all. 😀

    Anyway, I’m glad you have a never-ending stream of things to write about, for that means your blog will go on and on and on! Keep on writing!

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  6. Emilie

    Sometimes when I was really stuck, I would wander through the library and read book titles and all of a sudden one became a new story. Subtitles provided a lot of the prompts for me over the years

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  7. George

    It really is so strange where inspiration for writing comes from. Sometimes there is nothing and then you just take the time to look around or open your ears and it’s everywhere..:)

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