In my head I wanted to get away but I never thought I would make it to the hospital. That is the explanation for why I have been quiet the last few days. No it is not COVID-19! It’s a simple infection that got out of hand and I am paying the price. Lots of drugs and lots of care and I should be back in no time.

Unfortunately I had no access to the Wi-Fi so I was unable to let you know what was going on. For that I apologize. Usually I post a weeks worth of posts on Sunday and this time I thought oh no problem I’ll do it on Monday morning. What was that line about famous last words?

So I won’t be posting for a while.

I will try to read what blogs I can but my access will probably be down for a while.

Think good thoughts and smile until it hurts. And then laugh like nobody’s watching.


52 thoughts on “Vacation?

  1. Ginger Salvatore

    Oh! Pam. I’m so sorry you’re back in the hospital, but so damn happy it’s not Covid-19!!! Still, any reason to be hospitalized is a bummer. If your hospital is set up like ours, you’re in a non-Covid-19 section and the nurses and aides aren’t going into the Covid-19 areas. So you can rest a little easier. Having said that, please be vigilant that EVERYONE who has reason to touch you has thoroughly washed their hands!

    Hopefully they have you on the right cocktail of meds and they are already doing their job. And thank goodness you’re full of piss and vinegar and a terrific sense of humor. That, coupled with the meds, will have you back home, safe and sound, in no time. I have spoken!!

    Sure hope they have plenty of reading material to help you pass the time.

    I will definitely think good thoughts and smile until it hurts. And I will laugh like nobody’s watching, and not give a damn if they are!!

    Wishing you a speedy recovery. Can’t wait to hear you’re back home.

    This joke is in a book I just read. Made me laugh out loud. Hope it does the same for you.

    So, an ISIS guy is crawling through the desert. He sees another guy off in the distance and heads for him. Turns out to be an old Jewish man selling ties.

    ‘Gimme water,’ he screams. Jewish guy says, ‘Got no water, just neckties. Good-looking silks, designer labels, terrific prices.’

    ISIS guy goes nuts, threatens to cut off the Jewish guy’s head. Jewish guy says, ‘My fault all I got is ties? By the way, there’s a few rayons left, they look like silk and are even cheaper.’

    ISIS guy is going crazy now. Reaches for his knife to cut off the Jewish guy’s head and realizes he doesn’t have it. Doesn’t have nothing. Plus, he’s weak and tired and thirsty.

    Jewish guy says, ‘I also got some knits, very Ivy League, but if you want water, there’s a place a mile up.

    ISIS guy takes off. An hour later he crawls back to the Jewish guy, looking even more shtupped up, tongue out, panting, he’s a mess.

    Jewish guy says, ‘What, you couldn’t find it?’ ISIS meshugenah—he’s barely talking now, more like croaking—he says, ‘I found it all right, but they require a tie!'”

    Take care my dear friend.

    Fondly, Ginger 💕 😷💉💊 💕 Sent from my iPad


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    1. quiall Post author

      That made me laugh!. I’m being very well taken care of. You should look up the website for this hospital: Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital. It is a good one and I am very lucky. You take care of yourself too.


  2. Mark Lanesbury

    Sending lots of tickles, love and good energy dear lady. May your medicine turn into cocktails, doctors into waiters and your not happy bits healed. And the nurses spoil you fixing your hair, nails and beauty regime…oh, and a perfect hangover cure 😂 🤣 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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