2020, The Year That Wasn’t

Say goodbye,

To the year that was not.

We didn’t ask,

But that’s what we got!


We cancelled our classes,

Our sports and our clubs.

Churches and schools,

And even the pubs!


With sickness about,

There’s no shaking hands.

No hugging, so kissing,

No listening to bands!


One day’s like the next,

As the boredom sets in.

Those crazy odd videos,

Are not proof of a win!


I know in the future,

We’ll look back here with pride.

Despite fear and some angst,

It was one hell of a ride!


But now in this moment,

I am seriously bored.

The world’s in an uproar,

And I’m feeling ignored!


We are all in this state,

So I’m not alone.

But it feels like I am,

As I sit by the phone!


I swear I’m not crazy,

Although it seems like I am.

I can’t find a way,

To get out of this jam!


I started this poem,

With a wee bit of wit.

It seemed to be valid,

That I’ll admit!


But now it is over,

And I can’t seem to stop!

Help! I am spiralling.

I am over the top!


It’s Ok, I am fine,

Just a bit of a spell.

I guess this is the day,

When my sanity fell!

25 thoughts on “2020, The Year That Wasn’t

  1. Mark Lanesbury

    Very well written dear lady, it will indeed be something we will all probably not like to remember. For its hard bits anyway. But within it will be some silver linings too, just for the moment they may seem far away 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏼 🦋

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  2. dweezer19

    It seems overwhelming at times, Mary, mostly because the scope is beyond our immediate control. I try to just focus on those things I can control and appreciate that the air is not toxic…yet. Hang in there.

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  3. John Hric

    That last sketch looks remarkably like Kilroy. And I do think he has made off will all of our sanity. And replaced them with duplicitous public service announcements. Such a bounty of conflicting announcements that no one is quite sure which way is up.

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  4. Emilie

    I live in a tiny town of about 800 people right on the border of Mexico. My nearest city is Tucson, nearly 2 hours away. Yesterday I traveled there with my friend. She’s the only person I associate with, and I am the only one she associates with. She had a medical appointment. I went along so I could go to my two favorite grocery stores, Sprouts and Trader Joe’s. Thankfully, neither store was busy or I would’ve opted not to go.
    I cannot tell you how excited I was to go somewhere! I cannot tell you how excited I was to go into Trader Joe’s for the first time in six months! There was one thing I knew that I had to have from there. I planned to zip in and out quickly. I stayed about twenty minutes and spent over $100! And I didn’t even have $100 to really spend on groceries.
    I told the guy at check out how glad I was to be there and how much I had missed Trader Joe’s. He grinned (at least I think he did—he was, after all, behind a mask) and said quite a few people had mentioned that.
    In all, I had a simply glorious day living a somewhat normal life for the first time in quite a while.

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    1. quiall Post author

      If this time has taught us anything it is an appreciation for what we have. It could so easily be taken away. I am glad you got to experience a day out. We all need that occasionally.

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