18 thoughts on “Shady Quip

      1. Mark Lanesbury

        Actually, I’m afraid I have to say yes. I was given this ‘thing’ that they swear was chocolate and it tasted somewhere between a frogs nostril and a bats armpit 😂
        Now as for how do I know about the frog and the bat…I have tested both. Maybe not intentionally but boys have this ability to stick their noses into everything. The bat we caught got away and fluttered onto my face and proceeded to not only drop lice all over me but brought so many other imagined horrors to my mind to leave me in, and tried to bite me for some reason. Me? What did I do that any 10 year old boy wouldn’t do? And the frog, that’s just an initiation to be part of the gang. Ok, that’s a lie. Some dipstick thought it was funny after handling one to stick his slimy fingers all over my face. Great friends I had growing up eh? 😂 🤣

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  1. John Hric

    Sorry Pam much too current an issue down here in trigger finger gun central usa. Where you really don’t need a reason to get shot. It can happen sleeping in your own bed with no attitude what so ever. And strangely the authorities are directly responsible. And they sidestep and deny any responsibility. There is so much senseless stuff going on down here it is hard to know what is safe to talk about. We are having a really difficult time just fitting all of the stupid into the daily news.

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