A Single Leaf

A single leaf lay all alone,

It’s time aloft was done.

No more swaying in the breeze,

No basking in the sun.


Generations soon emerge,

And leave their mark behind.

Then when their time has come and gone,

It’s there for us to find.


The journey next we all must take,

Is facing the unknown.

But for sure I know this truth,

That we are not alone.


A single leaf lay by itself,

It’s time had just begun.

The job was now to feed the earth,

And help new life start one.


Photo used with the permission of Dan Antion of nofacilities.com.

40 thoughts on “A Single Leaf

  1. Murphy's Law

    Love this poem! Love Dan’s leaf! You said so much in so few words. Beautiful summation for all living things. You would have been an excellent carpenter Pam. You always hit the nail right on the head!

    Liked by 1 person

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