I spent over an hour this morning posting a week’s worth of well, posts.  It usually takes fifteen minutes.  I have everything prepared in advance so all I have to do is plug things into the appropriate spots.  My picture is chosen for Wednesdays poem and I use the same icons for a year on my Daily and Shady Quips.

I knew the New Editor was here but the last time there was a change I was able to keep the old reliable Classic Editor.  I guess I got cocky.  And I got caught.  Why exactly did they make the decision to change?  The world is in an uproar.  People are getting sick and dying.  This is not a good time to change to something that is NOT user friendly.  I have a vision of tech savvy 20somethings sitting around a huge empty desk (social distancing of course) chewing wads of gum and diddling their phone.

One says “Like, I’m so bored!”  But it is in emoji speak so no actual sound emanates from his emaciated body.  (Computer nerds) And the next person responds with a stream of emojies that would impress World War II Code Breakers. The result of this fictitious exchange:  The New Editor.  It takes 4 times as long to do anything with 3 times as many steps.  Aggravation levels peak and irritation is at an all time high.

Perhaps they believe it is making our lives better.  It is not.

I have been shown how to get back to the old Classic.  I hope it continues to work.

Go to All Posts and then choose Classic Editor from the drop down menu at the top of ADD NEW?


41 thoughts on “Whew!

  1. jaquintinwriter

    Yes, tis a great sense of accomplishment when one finishes a task. In such chaotic times, I procrastinated with familiarizing myself with the new editor thus like you faced roadblocks. Tis nice to know a blogger can switch back. Thanks for sharing that tidbit of info. 🙂

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  2. Murphy's Law

    Awww Pam, I’m so sorry for all the aggravation you and other bloggers are experiencing trying to get your posts out. On the selfish side, I’m happy that I only follow some blogs and don’t actually blog myself.

    Reading the complaints about WP and the New Editor and the Classic Editor, etc., made me realize how much time and effort all of you put into delivering a post into my inbox. I had no idea idea. I just sit back and read the posts and enjoy myself.

    I have a new appreciation for all of you who blog. Bravo for continuing to do so in these troubled times. Not easy to come up with interesting subject matter when we’re all in quarantine and not getting out and about.

    You, my friend, have never skipped a beat. Covid-19, quarantine, and Internet woes haven’t put so much as a kink in your posts. 💕

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  3. Dan Antion

    I am sorry the new editor is giving you grief, Pam. I struggle with it, and my posts are taking longer to prepare and even longer-longer to get the way I want them to look. I hope the classic option continues to work for you. I developed systems for 42 years, and I am comfortable saying I never made an existing system worse.

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  4. pensitivity101

    As long as you can get the drop down menu on the Add New, this works a treat. I tried to Add New from a finished post, but it bounced me back to the block editor. I’ve just done my 3 TCs for the week doing one at a time, and even then it took less time than using the block editor. Thanks Pam!!

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  5. dweezer19

    Why. I switched. To. Blogger. So many people just won’t follow my links there but I just can’t take all this fiddling with what works so that a string of young IT ‘specialists’ can keep themselves in a job. There are so many things they could do to actually IMPROVE the system. But, like the fashion world, they must always change things, upend what works and thumb their noses at those who try to reason with them. PS Thanks for being one of the few who does visit me over on Blogger. I appreciate you and all your wonderful writing. 🤗

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  6. John W. Howell

    I was caught flat-footed too but decided I would try the new for a while. Today I got a notice while I was writing the post that “you are not authorized to edit this post.” In my mind I gave up. Tomorrow I go back to Classic.

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      1. quiall Post author

        Did you Go My Sites – WP Admin – All Posts – then go to the top of the page – Posts – Add New drop down bar – Classic Editor?


  7. Mark Lanesbury

    What do you mean Pam, I have all this time to repeatedly go over steps, fiddle black and blue, and just plain old get driven up the wall for no reason but someone thinks the editor is a personal jewel to show off. And if WordPress paid for this abhorrent abomination of code they should all be lined up and forced to use it till hell freezes over.
    Here’s the thing, I think they think we are all a bunch of users with little computer savvy and they think we’ll get used to it. I’m a web designer and do code all over the place and think it is a piece of adulterated drivel to use.
    And yes, I switched back to the old editor so fast I think I broke my keyboard…and it still works faster than the other ‘thing’ 😂 🤣
    Ok, that’s my 5 cents worth…um, no, lets do the whole ten cents worth…Windows 10 is the same thing, it uses many more steps to do the same thing. Yes you can drop as many of your short cuts to everything which is fine…but to do anything below that is horrendous.
    And I use Windows 7 as it works beautifully. For all those poor souls out there that are now forced to buy Windows 10, you have my empathy for a world lost to greed and just plain old commercial control as it knows what you do in each keystroke you make 👽
    Phew…been hanging onto that one for a while. I think I just fell off my spiritual perch 😂 🤣

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    1. quiall Post author

      That comment was much more valuable then a few coins! I am one of those with little computer savvy so I need things to be simple. That’s why I’ll stick with the Classics. Oh and Windows 10 is why I switched to a Mac.

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