Humans Didn’t Qualify

An owl can hear,

From yards away,

The snap of a twig,

By possible prey.

Wolverines have fur,

That on the coldest of night,

Resists the killing frost,

That gives all such a fright.

Perhaps humans are smarter,

Than animals about,

It sure seems to be,

They’ve got all the clout.

But trees live so long,

If allowed to grow free.

For humans are the ones,

Who destroy what’s to be.

Dogs have got scent,

And cats have the pride.

Bears are majestic,

As are fish on the tide.

Destroyers of life,

Is our claim to fame.

I pray there is time,

To negate our shame.

Animals have instinct,

From which we have strayed,

See humans didn’t qualify,

For that skills upgrade.

With machines at our hand,

We try to create,

What natures has given,

To the animals straight.

I hope that in time,

The world will survive,

The spoils we have done,

Since we did arrive.


21 thoughts on “Humans Didn’t Qualify

  1. John Hric

    Beautiful and sadly accurate. Now if I can just stumble forward. I seem to have landed on some internet jumble induced Escher/Labyrinth stairs. It only hurts when I land almost where I expected to be. Somebody must have put something in my links !

    Liked by 2 people


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