Conversations with Myself

I was washing my dishes the other day and trying to think of something to write about for my Sunday post. I was remembering conversations I have had with people, articles in the news I had seen or heard.  I even started listening closely to the construction banter outside my window.  It is annoying but necessary and the inconveniences experienced today mean that this small section of our lives will be better in the future.  Hmmm, Progressive Thought or Subversive Rhetoric?

As I was trolling through the flotsam and jetsam that meander through my mind it suddenly dawned on me:   I was talking to myself!  Not a conversation that one would have with a companion. Or maybe I am my own companion. Hum.  That does bear thinking about. I was not having a conversation like I would with a friend, a human or animal one. It wasn’t out loud. But when you make a decision aren’t you actually talking to yourself about whether or not to go right or left, up or down?

Don’t judge me but sometimes I think I split infinities with myself! This is what happens when I am left unattended. I turn inward and stroll through the corridors in my mind.  And I have over six decades of passageways in there with a whole lot of side tracks and cubby holes.  I am starting to sound like a Star Trek episode! But think about it . . . who are you trying to convince when you want that second piece of pie?  (Or the first one!)

I like my mind. Mostly. I can sometimes go off on a tangent or become so hyper-focussed that I see absolutely nothing around me. For example. I draw the little icons that you see on my Daily Quips and Shady Quips. Every year I draw new ones because I get bored. This year I spent hours hunched over my Paint Program deciding what I wanted to draw. I’m a couple of months early. I don’t need it until January but it had popped into my mind and I couldn’t let it go.

Having a good focus is always positive but a hyper-focus can be a little disconcerting. I will honestly say that I now have several choices and I like them all. So now I have to do the other thing I’m not always fond of doing: making a choice between two or three. But I have a couple of months to do that so there is no rush. I do like to be prepared.

And isn’t that what life is all about: preparing for it? We cannot plan for every eventuality but we can be aware of the possibility of the unforeseen.  Rather tantalizing don’t you think?






38 thoughts on “Conversations with Myself

  1. Dan Antion

    I enjoy following you through those passageways, Pam. It’s interesting to learn how our minds work. Perhaps the key is to keep moving (in there). So many people seem to get stuck in one of those cubby holes.

    I like that icon 🙂

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    1. quiall Post author

      Thanks Dan. That is the icon I am not going to use. So I figured I would share. You are right, the trick is to keep moving. As much as I enjoy visiting . . . I don’t want to stay too long.

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  2. Joanne Sisco

    All of this sounds so familiar. I too “turn inward and stroll through the corridors in my mind … with over six decades of passageways in there with a whole lot of side tracks and cubby holes”. All these months of staying at home are just giving me the extra time to roam freely without distraction. It’s starting to give me a whole new meaning to ‘lost in thought’. 😆

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  3. Murphy's Law

    Hahahah! We could start another club…..The Lost In Your Own Thoughts Club. I’ve talked to myself, silently, for decades. And some of my conversations I still haven’t sorted out! Eight decades worth! I do find myself talking out loud sometimes. So I’m in good company with you and Joanne!

    I’m glad you take some side trips through the depths of your mind because they have produced a bonanza of fabulous posts that I enjoy immensely. You’ll never get stuck in one of those “cubby holes” that Dan mentioned!


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  4. Prior...

    Hi Pam
    This was fun! Felt like I was doing the dishes with your for a minute!
    And loved this point
    “inconveniences experienced today mean that this small section of our lives will be better”

    Also – I think writers – authors – might have special processing like you mentioned – where themes, ideas, and characters or settings might churn and simmer or vibrantly unfold in the cognitive arena

    And I like the image you will not be using in January – nice perspective (vanishing point)
    And you also sound pretty scheduled with your blogging – and look forward to my first January here on your blog

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  5. dweezer19

    Pam I am so right there with you. If not for the company in my mind I might never make a true decision, for I trust no one’s opinion in matters of great importance but my own, i mean who knows my heart and mind better than myself? I find comfort, encouragement, judgment and forgiveness, all within my own selves. I have always had a Walter Mitty type of brain work, but I used to seek all my encouragement from others. That leaves one often disappointed and broken. It wasn’t until I realized that everyone else has serious confidence issues that I turned inward for my wisdom. Thanks for sharing this part of yourself today. I feel much less alone now. 🤗💕

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  6. joylennick

    Hi Pamela, Oh the mini-mazes of the mind! Not welcome at 4.30 am as sometimes happens, So annoying, when all you want to do is sleep…Common knowledge however, it is surprising what little gems present themselves for inspection. It’s then the voices begin! You are not on your own…xx

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    1. quiall Post author

      Like Ginger said: “We could start another club…..The Lost In Your Own Thoughts Club.” Although some of my best ideas happen at 4:30 AM! I like that line “. . . mini-mazes of the mind!” Hmmmm . . . May I use it?


  7. Mark Lanesbury

    Wait till you hear the ‘extra’ that is onboard riding free dear lady 😂 🤣
    When I first heard spirit I wasn’t sure…tentative about actually hearing ‘something else’. And of course it leads to those ‘I’m losing it, now I’m arguing with myself’ 😂 🤣
    But in time I now have a round table for the chats to happen, giving ‘us’ all a fair hearing. And I will admit to something else here, I’ve started speaking out loudly in reply to my ‘chats’. I think its the isolation, its encouraging some theater to break the silence 😂 🤣

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  8. krish

    So true..
    Mind is a repository of our entire life time..and maybe one will require another lifetime to travel through it in entirety…
    It is always worth spending time inside own mind…making conversation with oneself…it is amazing to find how all answers are hidden in the passages of the mind…a talk with inner self gives peace …gives answers or the intuitions flow ..

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