Mind Craze

Mini-mazes of the mind,

Where ideas go to breed.

They find a place they like to sit,

And then they plant a seed.


And in time there is a shoot,

A mini notion starts.

Then of course it gains it’s strength,

And plans those special parts.


Will it be a story,

Of lust and love and death?

Or will it be a poem,

About a baby’s breath?


I do not know the course,

The direction I will choose.

But I know I’m happy,

When words become my muse.


Mini-mazes of the mind,

A wondrous place to play.

Now I guess my time is up,

And I must say:  good day!

20 thoughts on “Mind Craze

  1. Murphy's Law

    LOVE this poem Pam and your painting. I think the painting really depicts your mind…..full of color and ideas always swirling around and we, your readers, get to enjoy each finished thought.

    May you always have the ability to muse over something, and then share it with those of us whose minds are rather dull!

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  2. rangewriter

    Do you jot down those random stray mini mazes of the mind so you can pull them up when you have time to write? I’m occasionally visited by a mini maze, but then they fly out of my wee mind as quickly as they flitted in.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. quiall Post author

      Ha ha You are not wrong! I have pens all over my apartment and yes I have pieces of paper with single lines on them or maybe just a few words. My mind is as crazy as the words. I have even been known to write ideas down in the middle of a church service. Always have a pen handy!

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