All Hallows Eve



It’s a dark quiet night,

The mist seems so slow.

The sounds that you hear,

They are deep and they’re low.


Something’s alive,

Like the hairs on your neck.

So very determined,

They creep slowly erect.


A touch on your shoulder,

A hand out of sight.

You skin starts to quiver,

You’ve taken a fright.


Look not behind you,

Breathe deeply and pray.

They’re moving so closely,

You hope they don’t stay.


There are goblins and witches,

A vampire or three.

They’re starting their haunt night,

So dangerously free.


Evil surrounds you,

It must be remembered.

Nothing is sacred,

You could be dismembered.


Of spectres and ghouls,

It’s one day a year.

Zombies and trolls,

There is so much to fear.


Take care you don’t anger,

Those near in your sight.

Membership is optional,

Except for tonight.

31 thoughts on “All Hallows Eve

  1. Murphy's Law

    I hope my membership dues are paid. I wouldn’t want to anger any one or ‘thing’ on All Hallows’ Eve! Very clever Pam, not to mention fun! 🎃🌜👻👺👽😈

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  2. John Hric

    I need one of those calendars with more than the phases of the moon. You know with a chart of all hallows, some hallows, just a few hallows, no hallows anywhere. A slime forecast would be nice too. Or is that too much ghostbusters ?

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  3. K.L. Hale

    I love this! So…I took Jeff’s 11 year old daughter to Branson Haunts. Let me tell you Pam, hands down, the most spectacular beyond spooky place I’ve ever been. Needless to say a jester, (who kept creepily saying “Come play with me!” while navigating through the mirrored maze haunt) took me VERY serious when I told her, “We’re not playing and I need to get her out of here pronto!” Oh boy. I knew this was going to happen. But I must admit, I got spooked too. Poor girl. It’s a good memory and she’s proud of herself for making it half-way! I’ve always loved Fall and this time of year. My faith doesn’t waiver and I approach it all with fun. Although it was interesting with school parties all those years. You have set the mood for tonight’s debate. I mean Halloween in general. So clever and well-written!

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    1. quiall Post author

      Thanks you KL! I have good memories of spooky places from my childhood but I think they are too scary for me now-a-days. People have become too good are the scaring part!

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