Beyond the Horizon

Come to me little one,

Come and see,

Beyond the horizon,

Across the gentle sea.


The world is yours to make,

A place to call your own.

All it takes is courage,

To face the great unknown.


Provocative and enticing,

The horizon is never far.

But distance is not measured,

By the length you drive your car.


I want to touch the shore,

At the distance I can see.

I want to walk the line,

That separates you and me.


The horizon just beyond,

Is a marvel to behold.

Look and see with wonder,

And life will then unfold.



27 thoughts on “Beyond the Horizon

      1. John Hric

        Sometimes we all need a hint of what to look for. Encouragement to look for possibilities that can be discovered. You have planted the seed. Only we each have to discover our own possibilities on our own.

        Liked by 1 person

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