A World in Crisis


As most of you know, those that follow me regularly, I am a Canadian. With that title comes some responsibility. We are known for being polite and kind and inoffensive. If you would indulge me for a few moments I would like to step outside my comfort zone and get a few things off my chest.

ARE YOU FLIPPING KIDDING ME!  Whew! That felt better. What will follow is a little rant. No, it’s a big rant. It is a global rant. I am somewhat annoyed. Am I allowed to say: pissed off? My mother would not be pleased. This may be the only time I will ever say that I am happy my parents are not still alive. Because this crap-fest would probably kill them.

In early March of 2020, the world was introduced to a deadly pandemic. We were frightened and rightly so. People were dying. A lot of people were dying. So, we did what we needed to do. We locked down, stepped away from our lives, our loved ones, our friends. We learned what social distancing meant and we adhered to it strictly. We washed our hands constantly and we did everything we could, to lessen the impact of this global crisis. And we did.  Some parts of the world were able to flatten the curve as they say. Canada is in ok shape. We are in no way out of danger but some areas of our large country have very few cases of Covid. Why? Because they took it seriously and when the curve flattened, they kept on taking it seriously.

New York City showed us just how bad it could be. It was terrifying. But they took action. It was strict, it was drastic and it worked.  A number of countries around the world have made a difference. Tanzania, Thailand, Vietnam,  Cambodia, Australia, Nigeria.   In some cases, it’s because it’s a smaller country and they’re able to control things better. In some cases, it’s because they understand the need for diligence. And it can’t just be a government ordering people to do the right thing, it has to be the people as well. Individuals have to be involved; they have to do the work. They have to wash their hands, wear their masks, be adult about it!

And people did what needed to be done, in the beginning. And then they started to scream human rights and nonsense about measures not working. They didn’t want to wear their masks even though if you have eyes, ears and a brain you can see that it does work. There is proof all over the world that it does work. The strict measures made a difference. But there will always be a certain element of stupidity in our societies. Mostly it is amusing but not deadly. Now it is killing people.

Kids, young adults are complaining that they need to see their friends so they go to a party with 100 people. And 15 people come away with Covid and pass it on to their friends and family in their little bubbles. And they in turn pass it off to strangers in the grocery store or in the bank. And before you know it, we have a Covid Tsunami. All because some idiot wanted to go to a party. And how many people will lose their lives because of that stupid party? And the ones that went to it might never know what they have done. And that angers me. I want to take their smug little faces and run it into the caskets of those who die.

I chose to go into my apartment and stay put in March 2020. I am not one of the ones that is beleaguered and suffering because I have to be on my own. I have a TV, a computer, a phone, books. I can amuse myself just fine. I visit with friends and family via Zoom or Skype or FaceTime or just the phone. But I am protecting them and I am protecting myself. I’d rather be part of the solution then part of the problem.

For now, our world is in crisis and I do hope we will all survive it. But we won’t. We are going to lose a lot. It is believed one third of the world’s population was infected in the 1918 Flu Pandemic.  They lost at least 50 million people. The world population at the time?  1.8 Billion.  Today the world stands at 7.8 Billion.  Those infected? 58,260,174.  Deaths? 1,383,349. (as of 21/11/20 1:11pm)

Mothers, Fathers, Sons, Daughters, Cousins, Friends. Dead.

Rant concluded.







Just a few examples


Cases of Covid             Population (millions)

Tanzania                     509                                      60+

Thailand                  3,902                                      70 +

Vietnam                  1,306                                       97+

Cambodia                  305                                       17+

Australia              27,806                                       25+

Nigeria                 65,982                                     208+


Information from:  http://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/?

56 thoughts on “A World in Crisis

  1. Garfield Hug

    It is as much the resoonsibility of both the authorities and individuals. Neither can work without the other. We have taken some selfish irresponsible youths for clubbing and partying at homes with more than 5 pax to jail. Their silly irresponsible action can cause new cases if anyone is infected, asymptomatic. Agree with you 100%.

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      1. Garfield Hug

        I think it is the mindset that they think it will never happen to them or they think they are like Trump, invisible! I tell my colleagues off when they sit in office without masks, chit chatting away. Maybe only if a member of their family gets Covid then only they will realise how deadly it is and not to be trifled with.

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  2. Maggie Wilson

    From one Canuck to another, that was a great rant, eh?

    Our response mystifies me. (By “our” I mean the humans on the planet.) First, we have the reckless defiance from those who refuse to be told what to do. They act like two-year-olds with their temper tantrums.

    I encountered a different, but equally puzzling response earlier this week – several people remarked that they took caution for wave one, but figured it would be business as usual by now. And now they were sad and frustrated and didn’t want to deal with it any more. I was confused by these comments because I figured that these people knew how Corona works, or knew that the Spanish Flu lasted YEARS.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – people being people, and viruses being viruses, this thing is only getting started and it’s going to last a very, very long time.

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  3. tidalscribe

    Well done Canada. At the start so many things didn’t happen, probably because we didn’t think it would come to us, even though were still flying in and out of countries. After our first lock down people, were booking holidays to Spain or going out to celebrate before their city entered a top tier!

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  4. Murphy's Law

    Pam, you have voiced the opinion of millions of us! These idiots don’t even appreciate that it’s US, the people who adhere to the CDC guidelines, who are keeping THEM safe! 😡😤

    I can’t help but wonder what their reaction would be if they lost someone they dearly loved to Covid-19. And all because they came into contact with some moron refusing to wear a mask or stay at least 6′ away.

    It’s a sad state of affairs when adults start acting like irresponsible children.

    Like Maggie, I too believe this virus will be part of our lives for a long, long time. 😪 We need to be super vigilant. ALL of us.

    Be well and be safe dear friend.

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  5. Sun Hesper Jansen

    That felt fantastic – thank you! Like you, I try very hard to understand other points of view but when it comes to this, I just can’t. As long as “freedom” is more valuable to some people than sense, and science itself (including medicine) is seen as some kind of godless conspiracy, I fear for the country I live in.

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  6. Cheryl

    We moved to another country so I didn’t go postal where we were Pam. Covid isn’t the only reason, but the raging disregard for safety en masse in the US scares the beejesus out of me. I worked with the worst offenders and it was a medical practice. One young girl just whined about her wedding occasions having to be postponed. Only she didn’t. Right after lockdown eased she had her bridal shower at her home. 35 millennials drinking, hugging and up in each others’ faces. The teal kicker? She and her ‘fiancee’ have lived together for three years. 😳

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  7. The Possible Ks

    There is another social situation that is described as just as dangerous and that is work settings, particularly those employing low income workers. These sites are apparently not developing or implementing health and safety mechanisms. Of course lower income workers find themselves living in more overcrowded spaces after work. Plus workers taking off their masks for their breaks contribute as well. And I have passed a number of construction sites with workers chatting away, all but oblivious to the potential harm. So work places needed to be looked at more closely.
    And of course, there is the attitude that those who die were going to die anyway. Ageism can be ugly.

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    1. Cheryl

      Since I worked with mostly 20-30 something’s, the tension over their absolute disregard for the older generations is palpable. And astonishing, frightening and so very heartbreaking. I so looked up to my parents and grandparents. It goes along with the disposable age. Nothing is valuable and everything can be easily obtained and replaced. Not.

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  8. pensitivity101

    I’m with you Pam. Our council has posted an article confirming the increase in numbers in our county is due to holidaymakers and visitors to the coast. Tell us something we don’t know we said. The signs were all there. Social distancing? Pah! We’re on holiday. Masks? Pah! It’ll ruin my tan/get in the way of my fish and chip supper and pint. Crowds? Pah! Won’t happen to us, we don’t know anyone with it. Selfish moronic assholes infected hundreds that would otherwise still be alive.

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  9. Ancient Skies

    Pam you are exactly right! It all has to do with the extreme far right…..and their their nonsense ideas which are costing lives! It is made worse through their media and internet sources. It’s all absolutely horrible! We need to call it for what it is……dangerous extremism Thank for listening to my rant.

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  10. John Hric

    Part of me wants to say you rant too little. And the other part of me agrees with you it is time to stop being quiet and to raise our collective voices. Living in the land of Trump where we politically bury our head in the sand and sacrifice our people for politically motivated reasons makes it all the worse. The word genocide keeps coming to mind. The man and the people who enable him are practicing genocide. There is no excuse. They are lying and misleading people. There are accounts of people in ICU wards arguing with nurses that they do not have covid. Medical staff that try to raise public health warnings about covid are getting death threats against them and their families. And in the mean time we have a president and his party that are delaying and fighting President-elect Joe Biden in his efforts to use science to fight the virus and to save lives. I wish to change one of my initial thoughts. You do not rant too little. It is I who have waited too long to even begin to rant enough. I grow weary of the genocide.

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  11. joylennick

    Hi Pam, I can truly appreciate your rant. You don’t need the brain of an Einstein to realize when you are doing right or wrong… The selfishness of some people is disturbing. Continue taking care. xx .

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  12. Léa

    I have fond memories of the times I’ve been to Canada. Mostly in my youth, staying with my grandmother… There are still many relatives there, seven cousins with their families, and more. When I began planning to become an ex-pat, Canada seemed the natural and easiest choice. There were a few who understood why I wanted more distance. Things will never get better until we all accept personal responsibility and hold our elected officials accountable. We must all be actively involved. I shall stop or I will never get off my soapbox.

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