37 thoughts on “Daily Quip

  1. John Hric

    If a bear falls in the woods do you or I want to be there to know about it ? Perhaps not up close.
    Actually counting is not what matters. It is allowing good example to be shared. Something we should all bare with.

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  2. Murphy's Law

    Being good never needs to be seen by anyone. It seems to me that only a person who is rarely being good would want to advertise when they’re doing a good deed. That, in and of itself, tales a big chunk out of the “good deed”.

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  3. joylennick

    I dislike the encouragement of ‘telling’ when good is done. It somehow negates the kind deed. At school, children should be tutored on kindness and giving, as at home. My mother always told me to help when going somewhere for tea, or at least offer to help.. As she was the kindest Mum imaginable, it wasn’t difficult to follow her advice, bless her memory. x

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  4. Prior...

    there are times to do a good deed privately and times when we model this for others – or have it modeled for us –
    and it is less about private or pubic and more about the heart, the ego, and the motive – eh??

    thanks for getting us thinking

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