A Critique of Bloggers



a detailed analysis and assessment of something, especially a literary, philosophical, or political theory.


evaluate (a theory or practice) in a detailed and analytical way.

Definitions from Oxford Languages

Analysis, account, review, appraisal, criticize, comment . . .

When I wrote my first post in 2013 I had no idea what I was doing. A lot of bloggers start that way. Maybe that’s a good thing. It allows us to grow as our blogs grow without any preconceived ideas. I have learned much from reading other blogs, other opinions. And my blog has grown as I have grown.

I recently posted a poem called a Shrivel of Critics and it was about the collective nouns that describe a group. It was fun and whimsical and with no thought of anything past the last line. And then one of my followers asked a question. Thank you Dan, over at nofacilities.com. Now anyone that knows me understands that I have an insatiable curiosity. If I don’t know something and I know that I don’t know, then I want to know. Have I confused you yet? So, I looked up what the collective noun was for a group of bloggers.  There isn’t one. Not an official one.

Several of my followers submitted possibilities for a name and most of them were amusing and pretty good I must say. But my creative, analytical mind went hummmmm . . .  I wanted something that describes what bloggers do in its most general of terms. I wanted something that rolled off the tongue. I wanted something cool!

So, I got a little more sand for my sandbox and started to play. What I came up with was Critique of Bloggers. Critique is one of those words that is kind of fun to say and it has a lot of meanings. Bloggers are different. We have different likes, different dislikes and different passions. It is that difference that makes us all so valuable. We each bring something different to the table. I guess the only part of blogging that is the same for everyone is that it is done online.

Some blogs analyze things or give opinions on Books or policies or life in general. Some are commentaries on other peoples’ blog.  Some offer poetry or short stories that are in themselves a reflection of life, fantasy or morality. Basically, life is a commentary on life.  We play in a medium of words and each one of us is an artist in our own right. The fact that we are brave enough to share is one of the best miracles. And while it might not catch on, I am proud to be a part of a Critique of Bloggers


40 thoughts on “A Critique of Bloggers

  1. Dan Antion

    If I’m part of the Critique of Bloggers that includes you, then I’m a happy camper. I like the term.

    A critique of bloggers watched a virtual sunset, went on a virtual hike, read some poetry, laughed at the Shady Quip and the went into a bar.

    It works!

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  2. Murphy's Law

    A “Critique of Bloggers” is a perfect name for all of you who blog. I hope you all know, at least for me, how wonderful it is to see those of you I follow in my mailbox on your posting days. Reading what you have to say, sharing the humor and sadness, getting your insight on something, has been a lifesaver for me, especially during this pandemic.

    When my daughter first forwarded me a blog she wanted me to read because she knew I would like it, I resisted because it all seemed too complicated for me. I have a severe case of technology deficit! It didn’t take long before I anxiously awaited the appearance of that blog.

    I asked my daughter to subscribe to some more for me! She said, “Mom, you can do this. Give it a try. If you make a mistake, the world won’t stop spinning.”

    I follow several blogs now and I love them all. The Critique of Bloggers, or Blogging Community, is the friendliest most welcoming group of people I’ve ever had the pleasure to “meet”.

    Thank you all. You make a very old broad very happy! 🤗

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  3. Prior...

    I don’t love the name — like it because of
    Your brilliant deducing and wonderful
    I don’t love the term because I teach and I often have a difficult time with students and word perceptions and multiple meanings – esp with words like critical and critique – for example – when thinking about “critical thinking” there are already so many different tales on the word And then the critique of bloggers has such a formal feel and maybe even scholarly vibe to that grouping –
    I feel it would some bloggers but not the variety – just my thoughts but this was a fun post

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      1. Prior...

        I do enjoy your writing and this was such a clever idea that I thought of it a couple times this week – and quiall, It is growing on me – go figure – so not a thumb down – now it isa thumb to the side – hahahaha

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      1. John Hric

        That was a test. And you have passed. This gold star entitles you to one free hot brew. Strangely enough I just got to make another cup of tea for SWMBO. Whist I must suffer yet another fermented cider…

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  4. rangewriter

    Oh dear. I love your thought process and what lead you to a Critique of Bloggers. But my experience of the blogosphere has involved very little critique but a large measure of acceptance. I like John Howell’s Bluster of Bloggers, cuz that sort of fits me, personally. I also like a Covey of Bloggers or a Brood of Bloggers. But honestly, I can’t steal from your parade because I hadn’t even considered what to call us till you raised the topic.

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