2020, The Year That Wasn’t

Say goodbye,

To the year that was not.

We didn’t ask,

But that’s what we got!


We cancelled our classes,

Our sports and our clubs.

Churches and schools,

And even the pubs!


With sickness about,

There’s no shaking hands.

No hugging, so kissing,

No listening to bands!


One day’s like the next,

As the boredom sets in.

Those crazy odd videos,

Are not proof of a win!


I know in the future,

We’ll look back here with pride.

Despite fear and some angst,

It was one hell of a ride!


But now in this moment,

I am seriously bored.

The world’s in an uproar,

And I’m feeling ignored!


We are all in this state,

So I’m not alone.

But it feels like I am,

As I sit by the phone!


I swear I’m not crazy,

Although it seems like I am.

I can’t find a way,

To get out of this jam!


I started this poem,

With a wee bit of wit.

It seemed to be valid,

That I’ll admit!


But now it is over,

And I can’t seem to stop!

Help! I am spiralling.

I am over the top!


It’s Ok, I am fine,

Just a bit of a spell.

I guess this is the day,

When my sanity fell!



(Yes, I know I shared this in August but it was just too fitting to end off the year.)


30 thoughts on “2020, The Year That Wasn’t

  1. John Hric

    Evidently sanity is subject to gravity. Get out a new cup. Boil some water. And put in some fresh tea leaves. San-i-tea can be restored. And it is refreshing and some times calming. Your southern neighbors however have some in-san-i-tea that will continue to boil over until, we sincerely hope just until, January 20. We have been biding our time patiently. Clinging to the shreds of our Constitution. And whatever will be left of our battered health system. California health systems are at zero available capacity and infection rates are climbing through the roof. Our ‘leader’ has ordered the vaccine. Or at least some of it. Doses and distribution are like 90% behind the predicted schedule. Distribution after the medical community is questionable as staff to administer the vaccine is the States problem and not the concern of the Federal government. At the moment a certain so and so is only worried about a ‘stolen election’ and golf. So the southern fluster cluck continues. Did I mention sanity is subject to gravity. Stay well and Happy New Year !

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      1. John Hric

        Oh he is throwing his best monkey wrenches into the gears and fanning the fires of conspiracy theory. Worse some 70 to 80% of average Republicans are buying his lies and agree the election was stolen. The fact that no evidence of stealing votes exist has not dissuaded anyone. Bizarre lawsuits continue and strange plots to alter Congressional approval of the Electoral College vote. We will see how many Republican congress persons continue to play his game. The phrase ‘you can not make this stuff up’ is a frequent part of the nightly news.

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  2. mystoem

    wow…i loved that poem
    i am a 13 year old who has just started my way into poetry…it will be amazing if u could check out and follow my blog “mystoems”… i could really use your guidance!

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  3. Sun Hesper Jansen

    I’m not sure I was back on her in August, so thanks for the repost! We are all ever so slightly unhinged right now… but as long as you can still versify, you’ll be alright! 🙂

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  4. Sorryless

    I too believe it’s a fitting post to tuck in at the end of a year that wasn’t. (Love that title it’s so apropos.)

    And to the pubs . . . oh the pubs! Say it ain’t so . . .

    PS- That’s okay, I stocked up on the ‘essentials’ in the event.

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