And so it begins . . .

I am sitting here trying to come up with something uplifting and inspiring for my first big post of 2021.  I got nothing.  I think I am still stuck in the muck that was 2020.

I don’t want to think about it.  I don’t want to think about the number of people who have died.  I don’t want to think about the people that were forced to be alone. I don’t want to think about the businesses that have failed because of this pandemic. I don’t want to think about it, but I am. We have just come through one of the worst 12 months I have ever experienced. Correct that, it was the worst. But I am alive and well and my family and friends are alive and well. I will concentrate on that. I will concentrate on the positive that has come out of this negative.

Have we learned that we are not inviolate? Have we learned that we are not the Apex on this planet? A teeny tiny microbe has destroyed the World we knew and will shape the world that we will create. Something so small that the we cannot see it without technology. But perhaps it showed us what we need to do and who we really are.


We came together even though we had to stay apart. We helped each other and we wept for each other. We played instruments and sang from our balconies. Some people even just banged pots to be a part of the hope. And we do have hope. I believe that is the one thing we never lost although sometimes it seems like we did. The entire world looked for a vaccine and we are sharing what we found with each other. We are making sure that no one will be left behind. For once in the history of this planet we are not looking for gain we are looking for peace and safety for us all.


Oh don’t worry, we have not gone ‘perfect’. We still murder and cheat and steal and lie. Unfortunately, that will never change no matter how much we would like it to. But the big picture has suddenly come into focus and we are realizing that we are all in this together. The colour of your skin or the language that you speak it’s not as important as a fact that you are a member of my family, the human family. We will survive this together and we will grow together.







48 thoughts on “And so it begins . . .

  1. Maggie Wilson

    For better or worse, this year, politics, the pandemic, or rather our response to it all, has been an eyeopener. To remain balanced and still in the midst of it all is nigh on impossible.
    You speak truth, Pam. And your art, also. Your bright spirit shines in your art.

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  2. joylennick

    Very well said, Pamela. What a roller-coaster year it has been! Made into a film, the sheer lunacy of the some of the material is mind-blowing…Who to be the ‘bad guy’? “That is the question’.” Shake may have pondered…I think it would be a toss-up between the Chinese leader, Putin and Trump, with a few, excellent stand-ins, in the wings…With respect to my BP, I’d better stop there.All the very best to you, Pam. Cheers! xx.

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  3. Murphy's Law

    My sentiments exactly Pam, but you’ve expressed them so eloquently. A united feeling of hope, connection, determination and love for our human family will see us through.

    If we each reached out to another human being, even in the smallest way, I think we’d find ourselves being lifted up in the process! No brainer!

    Love your painting. It illustrates how we’re all melded together beautifully.

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  4. K.L. Hale

    Pam, this is a wonderful and beautifully-written first post of the year. You summed up, I believe, how many of us feel. I will continue to have hope and lean on faith. You’re very gifted and I’m so happy you are here, in 2021, to share your art and writing with us. I’m glad we are family. ❣️

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  5. rangewriter

    “We came together even though we had to stay apart.” I love that. And I hope you are right about the lessons we have learned. Some of us have. But there are too many others who are still stuck so far inside their own needs that they defiantly refuse to take the simplest precautions on behalf of their fellow humans. That worries me.

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  6. Sorryless

    Beautiful, powerful words here Pam. And yes, we’ve been shown (once again) that we are not and never will be top of the food chain. We’re borrowing this earth, we don’t own it. But it’s the positive actions of so many during this pandemic that prove our humanity is still very much alive.

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  7. Sun Hesper Jansen

    Well done, Pam; this was just the post the new year required. I want to believe even the most stubbornly unfeeling and unthinking of us can still learn… but oh, it’s hard!

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  8. John W. Howell

    I hope you are right about the worst is over. Still, there are increasing cases, and more caution is needed. I think the worst part of coping is over. We have adjusted to the latest normal. Let’s hope the vaccine will get us to a new normal. Super post, Pamela.

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