I Am Tired


I am tired of sadness,

Of panic and tears.

I’m looking for happiness,

For smiles and for cheers.


A new day is here,

A new year as well.

Perhaps with some nudging,

It all could be swell!


I’ll start every day,

With a smile on my face.

Perhaps there’ll be others,

Who will join in my race?


Next, I want laughter,

Perhaps a guffaw?

Who knows, it could happen,

Then people might thaw!


Our world’s waking up,

From it’s long night of slumber.

And people are looking,

In such a great number.


We are all looking forward,

With hope in our heart.

If we just work together,

We’ll all get a new start!



38 thoughts on “I Am Tired

  1. John Hric

    I agree Pam. It is going to be a slow patient restart. We can put on a smile each morning. And pour some patience and continued caution right after. Down here we take out another box of bandages and continue the rebuilding of our government that has been methodically crippled and torn apart. People who are up to no good and who never should have been appointed or hired are still in positions to do harm. Good people have been removed and have moved on. And the architect of this wrecking crew is still in charge for another two weeks. We will not be safe until he is out of office. He is still doing damage to hold the new administration back. Not letting them start the transition and repair. Selling pardons and continuing the fluster cluck until the very last moment. Sorry had to pause and glue my smile back on. We have treaties to re-establish and re-build. And a vaccine program that needs to be scraped up off the ground and gotten moving. Most of the vaccine is still sitting in warehouses waiting to be shipped. We have had four years of Nero fiddling while America burned. Literally. He did what he could do to fan the fires during the Black Lives Matters protests. He has gutted all sorts of EPA, food and safety laws and all kinds of statutes no well meaning person would think of. That would include any government official who contradicted his continuous stream of lies. He fired the head of cyber security over the election and in the middle of the Russian hack of multiple government and corporate computer systems while he blamed it on the it might have been the Chinese. Opps smile again. More glue needed. So it is going to be a long four years of rebuilding both our government and international relations, treaties, and obligations. But there is hope because the two legged cancer is on his way out. Smile and patience. Now to reproof read this. My cursor has only jumped out and up about 25 no make that 26 times. Extra smiles for finding those typos.

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