The world is in chaos,

And my mind is a blank.

I tried to be witty,

But I think that it stank!


The world is not laughing,

Cuz nothing is funny.

But I have a plan,

To make it a little bit sunny.


I’ve said it before,

And I’ll say it again.

A smile brightens a room,

It’s a simple refrain.


Even hidden by masks,

And so far apart.

A nod or a wave,

Is a good place to start.


Then respect and some kindness,

Could be tossed in the mix.

Perhaps it will catch on,

And be part of the fix.


We must come together,

To be part of the cure.

I know we can do it,

This I am sure!


It’s not always easy,

Impossible some times.

But we can’t stop now,

When everything rhymes!


25 thoughts on “Smile

  1. Murphy's Law

    Amazing what a smile can do, for the recipient and for the giver. Smiles and laughs are in short supply these days, but are sorely needed. The only equipment needed is lips! And there’s no limit as to how many you’re allowed to share. No expiration date either!

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  2. pensitivity101

    Our aim is to make at least one person smile every day. Covid and the wearing of masks has made it more of a challenge, but if you know what to look for, you can tell when someone is smiling behind the mask. Watch the eyes for that crinkle and sparkle. Have a good day Pam.

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  3. rangewriter

    People complain about not being able to see smiles behind masks. But I believe a smile involves the whole face; if it’s a genuine smile, it involves the whole body. I still see smiles in people’s eyes and demeanor. And I’m always happy to see a mask because it means that person cares about me.

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