21 thoughts on “Daily Post

  1. Murphy's Law

    If we tend to today’s business today, tomorrow might turn out to be just fine. One day at a time is enough for any of us to handle.

    Think positive. Test negative.

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  2. John Hric

    One day at a time. One foot in front of another. With one eye watching those who keep trying to tell the big lies. Covid will not be defeated by lies or wishes that it goes away on its own. The way that the leading countries are bumbling their way into vaccination is not efficient and remains to be proved effective. If the vaccinations are not thorough to the haves and the have nots at both a country and at an international level the impact of this scourge may continue as a major disruption.

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      1. John Hric

        It would seem Just In Time planning is not the trick for virus solutions. So we have replaced it with Just In Bumble planning. And I keep wondering how long the bumble will stretch eventually. And how many Covid monasteries will start up in the process. All of our monks have taken a vow of solitude…

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