A Fallen Leaf

He lay on his back,

A slight dusting of snow.

He knew he was done,

There was no place to go.


His time in the branches,

Were glorious and free!

But time is not static,

His memory the key.


You see he is a symbol,

of Summer and Spring.

The days full of frolic,

That memories bring.


As he shivered with cold,

On this bright chilly day.

He knew with conviction,

What others would say .


Soon will be spring,

And buds will appear.

Leaves will start growing,

Never you fear!




The accompanying photograph was provided by Dan over at nofacilities.com. He and Maddie are most generous with the fruits of their walks. Thanks Dan!


13 thoughts on “A Fallen Leaf

  1. Murphy's Law

    Your poem is wonderful Pam. You’ve actually managed to give this lone leaf a personality and now I’m going to miss him! I am so ready to meet and greet all the new leaves, in all their splendor, come spring. Thank goodness there always is another spring!

    Think positive. Test negative.

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  2. Dan Antion

    That’s so beautiful, Pam. Now I feel like I should have picked him up and brought him home. We haven’t been able to walk for a while. I’m hoping we can go tomorrow. It won’t be long before we see the buds start popping out.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Sun Hesper Jansen

    The birds are insistent that what the leaf says it true… but first we must deal with another blizzard or two! (Egads, Pam, that actually rhymed! haha)

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