Thought Processes

Have you ever stopped and wondered why you think the way you do? I know that’s an odd question but where does your mind wander to when you’re not focussed on anything. I will be quite honest, I try very hard to keep my mind engaged because when it is allowed to stray, well, things can get interesting.

It was in one of those moments of mindless meanderings when I remembered the many times I’ve had to deal with unprofessional sales clerks. There was the one who could not get past the wheelchair or the one who was smacking her gum, twirling her hair and talking to a friend about a boy.  The fact that I wanted to buy something simply did not enter into her mind even though she was looking right at me. That was probably 20 years ago but I wonder what she’s doing now. Has she gone on to blow expectations and become a PhD chemistry professor? Call me mean but I think not.

Back in the good old days (a year ago) I used to love to listen as people walked by. You never got the entire conversation but it was fascinating to think where it could take you. Like the time I followed a couple after overhearing that he was “…killing them”. Oh, I was intrigued! It’s OK he was just killing his plants. But out of that brief conversation I came up with a story about some actual killing. Yes, there is an evil side to my character and every now and then I embrace it.

When I am standing in front of a dog with a cookie in my hand, I know exactly what he is thinking. The drool is a dead giveaway. But when I’m standing looking at complete strangers it’s impossible to have any idea of what’s going on in their mind. Are they wondering if they locked the door or turned off the porch light? Are they thinking about gifts for a dear friend? Or perhaps how they plan to kill that annoying next-door neighbour? There is just no way to know.

That is fascinating to me. I have, in the past, created stories on the spot to describe what I could see. It had no basis in fact, it was pure fantasy but it was fun to give these people a life and a future directly out of my addled brain.

I once gave a man a wife, a mistress and a sexy secretary all because he was standing waiting for the Train with a smile on his face. It was a nice face but it looked like he had a secret. Those are the best ones to play with. And the upside to this game is nothing is ever written down because I can’t remember them and no one is besmirched. This is what I do when my mind is allowed to ramble and my thought processes are given free rein.  Be afraid, be very afraid…

27 thoughts on “Thought Processes

  1. Murphy's Law

    Please don’t ever change your thought process Pam. Your addled brain is a wealth of talent and makes wonderful reading, especially for those of us who also take the road less traveled.

    I love looking at a complete stranger and “inventing” them. Lol.

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  2. joylennick

    You are a gem, Pamela! I so enjoyed that. We are wired up in a similar manner, methinks. I used to take a writing class for the U3A in the Costa Blanca (Torrevieja) part of Spain and my small group used to meet in our modest villa. Each month I used to think of original ideas to spark their interest. One weekend, hubbie & I had coffee near the Med, &, as usual I studied my fellow ‘suppers,’. Two, obviously, had just met. He was German, she a Swede, and BOY, were they ‘in lust…’ Their conversation was intriguing. He was looking for “a more meaningful relationship”, as was she. “I could have had two girls a night in Hong Kong, but that’s not my scene…” from him. (Nearly knocked my coffee over listening more intently!) They then suddenly paid their bill and left, almost inseparable. That month’s requested short story was fascinating: everything from a comical,’confused language’ tale, a straight-forward romance and a really grisley ‘lust killing.’ The power of the mind is dazzling. xx

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  3. John Hric

    I hear words like besmirched and refurbish and wonder what plain old smirch and furbish are. Listening to your story makes me miss railway travel and smiling. Though even if it worked for Solomon it does sound like two too many to keep anyone smiling. Trouble yes. Good trouble no. I do wish the binarys would stop bumping into dark matter. Trying to type this morning is taking longer than waiting for the train. In the mean time do try to keep thinking even if the results are unpredictable. One last question. What does one third of a smile look like ?

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  4. Mark Lanesbury

    Haha…ah dear lady, here I was thinking you were such a kind, peace loving individual with nothing on your mind but tomorrows post 😂
    But then again, maybe its this ‘posting’ thing that has given rise to ‘Twilight Pam’. But please, don’t let us stop you or I’ll miss my days ‘fix’ 🤣

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