A Colour Tease

I saw a splash of colour,

From the corner of my eye.

A little yellow, a touch of red,

Beneath a clear blue sky.


Winter now is fading,

But spring is not yet here,

Nights are cold and days not warm,

There’s more to come, I fear.


I do believe I live in hope,

That soon the world will change.

Flowers bloom and grasses grow,

And life will be less strange.


No longer will the world be grey,

When flowers bloom with life.

We will find a way to smile,

And end this time of strife.


Lavender, red and pink I see

Are colours all around.

Just right now they’re in my mind,

But soon they will abound.


Spring is coming, just you wait,

As life begins anew.

Colours all around us now,

At last it’s coming true.




50 thoughts on “A Colour Tease

  1. John Hric

    I will bring two cups. We can have tea. With the other perhaps collect some of the abounding pallet waiting to sprung or have been waiting to already be sprunged. It is time. Auntie Shrew needs to start practicing her battle cry for the meadow folk. Happy Monday, Happier Spring…

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  2. Mark Lanesbury

    We lost Summer, I think it eloped with Autumn. And to make up for it Winter has charged in, rained like a madman with a cool breeze and threatened us into warm clothes. We are usually still in shorts and short sleeved shirts till May. What is this world coming to.
    Wait a minute, I know whats happened…the virus did it, it caused everything else! 😀

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  3. Murphy's Law

    Love your uplifting poem with the promise of good things to come. Soon, but not soon enough for most of us. Your photo of the garden is absolutely perfect for the theme of your poem.

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  4. Frank @ Beach Walk Reflections

    You have captured spring with your words and bright tone. An idea. I know you have already visited & commented on my spring beach walk, I invite you to return, to copy/paste the URL into the comments. Just say something simple like, Here’s a poem to answer Marsha’s challenge.

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  5. bikerchick57

    Oh, Pam, I love the visual of this! We’re expecting a little snow today, but it’s not expected to be much or stick around for long. Spring is official on Saturday and that’s good enough for me to know that green grass, tulips and crocus are on their way.

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  6. Marsha

    Beautiful poem, Pamela. It truly fits the theme of spring. You echo how I think we all feel. My husband and I had a brief snow two or three days ago. We agree – we are ready for spring and some of your beautiful flowers. 🙂 Thanks so much for participating.

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